EU commissioner supports German ‘net-zero valley’ region

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EU commissioner supports German 'net-zero valley' region

The eastern German coal-mining region of Lusatia is receiving backing from the European Commission for its transformation into a model region for an economy without greenhouse gases, reported dpa.

During a visit on Friday, EU Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton praised the region's application to become the first "net-zero valley" in Europe and pledged: The European Commission is ready to support this project, Breton said.

A municipal alliance in Lusatia applied for status as a model region in March. The basis for this is the so-called net-zero industry law at European level, which involves the rapid introduction of industries and energy generation without additional greenhouse gases – in other words, net zero.

According to Breton, the role as a "net-zero valley" means more funding for projects, more investment, simpler approval procedures, expansion of infrastructure, development of local competence centres and more high-quality jobs.

What is needed is political will and determination. Breton said that this goal can soon become a reality. The German Economy Ministry is also fully behind the project, said State Secretary Michael Kellner.

"The first steps are often the hardest, but also the biggest," explained Christine Herntier, mayor of the town of Spremberg and elected representative of the Lusatia Round Table. "Net-zero valleys are a very good tool to show what is needed to achieve the goal and, above all, to set the right priorities."

Lusatia is driven by structural change and is therefore ideal for such a model region, said Herntier. "Joining forces gives us another strong push towards a Lusatia that has a future. It couldn't stay the way it was. It has to be something new, something that sets us apart and makes us interesting, even in international comparison."


  1. SarahJohnson1987 says

    As a resident of Lusatia, I am thrilled to see the support from the European Commission for our region’s transformation into a net-zero valley. It is a crucial step towards a sustainable future without greenhouse gases. I believe that with the necessary funding, investment, and political will, we can make this project a success.

  2. EmilySmith says

    Do you think other regions in Europe will follow in Lusatia’s footsteps to become ‘net-zero valleys’? How feasible is this transition on a larger scale?

  3. MeganSmith_27 says

    Can you elaborate on the specific industries and energy generation methods that will be promoted in the ‘net-zero valley’ region?

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