Discrimination against Sinti, Roma rises sharply in Germany

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Discrimination against Sinti, Roma rises sharply in Germany

Germany's register of discrimination against Roma and Sinti people on Monday reported 1,233 incidents last year, almost twice the level of the previous year, reported dpa.

The Central Council of German Sinti and Roma advocacy group attributed the rise in part to incidents being reported more frequently, but nevertheless saw the trend as worrying.

"This causes us great concern against the backdrop of history," council head Romani Rose said on Monday, in reference to the murder of 500,000 Sinti and Roma during the Nazi period. She called on the authorities to act, noting a large rise in violence directed at the two population groups.

The authority recorded 10 cases of what it termed "extreme violence" along with a further 40 attacks, 46 threats and 27 cases of damage to property. Its head, Silas Kropf, reported that a Sinti and Roma grave had been daubed with swastikas and that there had been a case of arson in the city of Solingen.

He also noted anti-Sinti and anti-Roma slogans chanted in football stadiums and right-wing propaganda that incited violence against the groups.

Most of the cases reported related to insult, exclusion and discrimination, with 600 cases of "verbal stereotyping," or insults.

A further 502 cases concerned discrimination, a quarter of which involved official bodies, including social and youth offices and the police.

"Police were involved in 83 of the incidents reported," Kropf said, with extreme violence reported in three cases. He pointed to a case where a police dog had been released to bite a man lying on the ground with handcuffs on, injuring him severely.

Germany is home to 150,000 German Sinti and Roma, plus around 100,000 Roma migrants.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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