Ukraine’s Prez Seals the Deal to Amp Up Military Mobilization

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Ukrainian president signs law to boost military mobilization

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday signed a law to tighten military mobilization rules, reported Xinhua, quoting the parliament's press service.

The legislation, which aims to recruit more troops for the country's armed forces, was adopted by the parliament last week.

The new law stipulates that Ukrainians liable for military services will be obliged to register at military enlistment offices or electronic cabinets within 60 days after the legislation takes effect.

The law introduces some penalties for evaders, such as a ban on driving vehicles and restrictions on consular services.

The legislation includes increased financial incentives for newly recruited soldiers but sets no deadline for the demobilization of troops, who have been fighting on the battlefields since the start of the conflict.

The law also envisages allowing the military to seize vehicles owned by companies and private individuals for the army's needs.

The legislation will take effect in mid-May.


  1. EmilyJohnson says

    It is crucial for Ukraine to strengthen its military forces to protect its sovereignty. The new law signed by President Zelensky is a significant step towards enhancing national security and ensuring the safety of the citizens. We must support our troops and uphold our duty to defend our country.

  2. JuliaSmith87 says

    How will the new law impact the daily lives of Ukrainians, especially those liable for military services? Are there any concerns from the public about the penalties for evaders?

    1. MarkJohnson89 says

      As a Ukrainian citizen, I believe the new law will play a crucial role in enhancing the country’s defense capabilities. The tightened military mobilization rules aim to strengthen our armed forces and ensure national security. While the penalties for evaders may seem strict, they are necessary to uphold the law and maintain the integrity of the military service system. It is important for all Ukrainians, especially those liable for military services, to understand their responsibilities and contribute to the country’s defense efforts. Any concerns from the public should be addressed through open dialogue and communication between the government and citizens.

  3. MeganSmith99 says

    As a military veteran myself, I believe it’s crucial for every citizen to support their country’s defense efforts. The new law signed by President Zelensky will help strengthen Ukraine’s armed forces and ensure the safety of its people. It’s commendable that the legislation includes financial incentives for soldiers and penalties for evaders, showing a commitment to national security.

  4. EmilyJohnson says

    Do the penalties for evaders mentioned in the article apply to all eligible Ukrainians uniformly, or are there exceptions based on certain criteria?

    1. JohnSmith says

      Penalties for evaders, as mentioned in the article, will be applied to all eligible Ukrainians uniformly. There are no exceptions based on any criteria outlined in the legislation.

  5. EmilyJohnson says

    I believe that it is crucial for Ukraine to strengthen its military mobilization in order to protect its sovereignty and ensure national security. Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to tighten the rules and recruit more troops for the armed forces is a necessary step in the current geopolitical circumstances. It is important for all citizens eligible for military service to comply with the new law and contribute to the defense of our country.

  6. CarolineJohnson says

    Ukraine’s military mobilization efforts are crucial for national defense and security. It’s important for all eligible citizens to fulfill their duty and support the armed forces. The new law’s provisions to recruit more troops and impose penalties on evaders will strengthen the country’s defense capabilities. Increased financial incentives for soldiers will also boost morale. Overall, this law is a necessary step to ensure Ukraine’s readiness to defend itself.

  7. EmilyJohnson says

    It’s essential for Ukraine to strengthen its military forces given the ongoing conflict. The new law, signed by President Zelensky, is a crucial step towards enhancing the country’s defense capabilities and ensuring national security.

  8. EmilySmith92 says

    Do you think the new law will significantly increase the number of troops in Ukraine’s armed forces? What impact do you believe it will have on the ongoing conflict?

  9. NataliaJohnson87 says

    As a military veteran myself, I believe that Ukraine’s decision to tighten military mobilization rules is crucial for the security and defense of the country. It is important to ensure that the armed forces have the necessary manpower to effectively protect the nation. The increased financial incentives for newly recruited soldiers are a positive step towards boosting recruitment. However, it is also essential to provide adequate support and resources for demobilized troops who have been serving on the frontlines. Overall, this new law signifies Ukraine’s commitment to strengthening its military capabilities in the face of ongoing conflicts.

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