Lufthansa to add environmental fees to tickets in 2025

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Lufthansa to add environmental fees to tickets in 2025

German airline group Lufthansa will start charging an additional fee for flights beginning next year to cover part of the cost of European Union environmental regulations, the company announced on Tuesday, reported dpa.

The size of the fee will depend on the length of the flight and is expected to be between €1 and €72, and will be charged for flights departing on or after January 1, 2025.

Lufthansa will charge the fee for take-offs of Lufthansa flights as well as subsidiary airlines in all 27 EU countries as well as in the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.

Lufthansa subsidiaries include Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SWISS and Eurowings.

The EU regulatory costs passed on with the fee include changes to the EU's emissions trading scheme and requirements for sustainably produced bio-kerosene, known as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which must be added to aviation fuel in accordance with EU regulations from next year.

Airlines have already shown individual price components from time to time in the past. With the new environmental fee, it remains unclear what proportion of the additional regulatory costs passengers will have to bear.


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