Italy Nabs Massive Win with Epic 14-Ton Drug Bust!

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Italy's Finance Guard said Wednesday it has seized a "record" 14 tons of amphetamines being smuggled into the country aboard three containers in the port of the city of Salerno near Naples, reported Xinhua.

The illegal drugs — in the form of 84 million pills with a street value of one billion euros — were stashed inside industrial paper cylinders in the containers, the Finance Guard said in a statement.

It's the "largest single seizure of amphetamines at a global level," the Finance Guard stated.

The pills were labeled "captagon," a controlled substance that has been produced in the Middle East since the 1990s, the statement said.

Captagon "has reappeared in terrorist hideouts — such as, for example, in the 2015 (Islamic terrorist) attack on the Bataclan (concert hall) in Paris – and this is why it has been dubbed the IS (Islamic State terrorist group) drug or the Jihad (Islamic holy war) drug," the Finance Guard explained.

"It is well known that IS finances its terrorist activities … through the traffic of synthetic drugs, which are mostly produced in Syria," according to the statement.

The Middle Eastern country, where a civil war has been raging since 2011, "has become the number one world producer of amphetamines in recent years," the Finance Guard said.

Captagon is currently sold throughout the Middle East and is "commonly used by combatants because it inhibits fear and pain," the statement said.

The Finance Guard said it is likely that "the production and distribution of synthetic drugs ground to a halt in Europe during the anti-coronavirus lockdown" and that as a result, drug traffickers turned to Syria to replenish their stocks.

The number of pills seized Wednesday can "satisfy a market the size of Europe," the Finance Guard said, adding that investigations are underway into mafia drug cartels that could be behind the smuggling attempt.

A part of the Economy Ministry, the Finance Guard is a militarized police force that fights financial crime, terrorist financing, smuggling, money laundering, cybercrime, fraud, and counterfeiting. It also deals with customs and patrols Italy's land and sea borders.


  1. GinaSmith82 says

    GinaSmith82 believes that Italy has made a commendable achievement by seizing such a massive amount of drugs in the recent bust. She expressed concern about the dangerous connections between drug trafficking and terrorist activities, emphasizing the importance of cracking down on such criminal networks to prevent further harm.

  2. EmilySmith says

    Was the specific origin of the amphetamines indicated in the containers, or are they still investigating that?

    1. JohnJohnson says

      They haven’t disclosed the specific origin of the amphetamines found in the containers yet. The investigation is ongoing to determine the full details.

  3. GinaSmith23 says

    Italy did a great job seizing those amphetamines! It’s shocking to see the immense quantity that was intercepted. This type of illegal activity must be stopped to prevent further harm. Kudos to the authorities for their diligence in this operation.

  4. Emily457 says

    Italy really delivered a huge blow to drug trafficking with this record-breaking bust. This seizure just goes to show the scale of illicit activities that authorities are up against. It’s alarming to see these dangerous substances being smuggled in such massive quantities. Hopefully, actions like this will help combat the drug trade and its links to terrorism.

  5. EmmaSays says

    Italy has truly accomplished a remarkable feat with this massive drug bust! It’s alarming to think about the dangerous impact these illegal substances could have had if they reached the streets. The efforts of the Finance Guard in intercepting such a significant amount of amphetamines are commendable, and it’s crucial to continue the fight against drug trafficking to safeguard our communities.

  6. GinaSmith85 says

    Italy has hit a huge victory with this massive drug bust! It’s unbelievable that a record amount of amphetamines was being smuggled into the country. The Finance Guard’s relentless efforts paid off, and this seizure will undoubtedly have a significant impact on disrupting illegal drug trafficking. Kudos to the authorities for their diligent work in keeping Italy safe!

  7. Gina_84 says

    Italy really nailed it this time with such a huge drug bust! It’s incredible to think about the impact such actions have on the safety of our communities. The authorities deserve praise for their diligence in uncovering and seizing this massive amount of illegal drugs.

  8. EmilyJohnson says

    Italy has done an incredible job in seizing such a massive amount of amphetamines! This successful bust will certainly help in combating the illegal drug trade and disrupting the financial resources of terrorist groups. It’s alarming to see the connection between drug trafficking and funding terrorism, and it’s crucial for countries to continue taking strong actions against such criminal activities.

  9. GinaJohnson123 says

    Wow, what a massive win for Italy! This seizure of 14 tons of amphetamines is truly impressive. It’s crucial to crack down on the illegal drug trade to prevent further harm and criminal activities. Kudos to the authorities for their diligent work in intercepting these dangerous substances.

  10. Gina Smith says

    Italy has certainly made a significant breakthrough with this massive drug bust! The seizure of 14 tons of amphetamines is truly remarkable. It’s alarming to learn about the connections between synthetic drugs and terrorist activities, underscoring the need for rigorous enforcement against such criminal networks.

  11. GinaSmith1987 says

    What a remarkable bust by the Italian authorities! This seizure truly highlights the gravity of the global illicit drug trade and its links to terrorism. It’s crucial to continue these efforts to combat such dangerous criminal activities.

  12. JuliaG84 says

    Italy nabs a massive win with an epic 14-ton drug bust! This is great news in the fight against illegal drug trafficking. It’s crucial to continue these efforts to keep our communities safe from harmful substances like amphetamines.

  13. GinaSays says

    Italy has truly hit a major blow to drug trafficking with this colossal seizure. It’s alarming to see these illegal substances being smuggled in such large quantities. Hopefully, this bust will help in disrupting the sinister plans of these criminal organizations.

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