Hungary FM opposes sending troops to Ukraine

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Hungary FM opposes sending troops to Ukraine

Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto, who is visiting Belarus, said in Minsk on Wednesday that Hungary will not send troops to Ukraine, he is "horrified" by the idea of sending troops to Ukraine within the EU, reported Xinhua.

Szijjarto made the above statement when meeting with Belarusian Foreign Minister Aleinik. Szijjarto said that the Russia-Ukraine conflict cannot be resolved by military means, and he was shocked by the remarks of European politicians "aimed at escalating the conflict."

  "No Hungarian soldier will enter Ukraine." He called on the conflicting parties to cease fire and negotiate.

  Szijjarto told the media that more than 80% of Hungary's oil comes from the "Friendship" pipeline, which is a pipeline of crude oil from Russia to Europe. The pipeline also passes through Belarus, and there is no other similar pipeline to replace it.


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