Older Folks & Those with Long-Term Conditions Face Health Risks from Scorching Heat! Yikes, says THL

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Hot weather and heat-waves are a health risk also in Finland. The risk of serious health hazards particularly affects the elderly and those suffering from long-term illnesses, according to the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Hot and prolonged heat-waves that last for a few weeks can cause up to a few hundred deaths in Finland, said a THL press release.

The recommended isolation and avoidance of close contacts related to the prevention of coronavirus infections may increase the risk of health hazards caused by heat, if the person belonging to a risk group can’t get help in preventing heat-related health effects or if they don’t dare to leave their home, even if it gets unbearably hot.

Risk groups may also avoid seeking treatment in fear of infection.

During heat-waves, it is best to avoid sunshine, hot places and extra physical strain. Remember to drink enough water and to eat to avoid dehydration and low blood sodium. You should also wear light, breezy clothes and cool your body with cool showers or cold wraps.

In order to prevent health hazards of hot weather, it is important to try to keep indoor areas cool.

“Windows should be protected from sunlight and closed when the outside air is warmer than the indoor air. Indoor areas should be ventilated in the evening or at night after the outside air has cooled down,” said THL Researcher Virpi Kollanus.

A fan can also make people feel cooler, if the air temperature is below 35 degrees. However, using a fan may increase the risk of a coronavirus infection.

"During the coronavirus pandemic, avoid using a fan in common areas where more than one person is present. It is particularly important to avoid using a fan in confined spaces with poor ventilation. If you’re using a fan, it is a good idea to make sure that the ventilation in the space works efficiently and set the fan so that it doesn’t blow air from one person to another,” said Kollanus.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. SarahSmith says

    As a senior citizen myself, I completely agree that heatwaves pose a serious health risk to older folks and individuals with chronic conditions. It’s crucial for everyone, especially those in risk groups, to take the necessary precautions to stay safe during hot weather, such as avoiding direct sunlight, staying hydrated, and keeping indoor spaces cool. Let’s all look out for each other’s well-being!

  2. AlexandraSmith says

    As a caregiver for my elderly parents, I completely agree with the concerns raised in the article. It’s crucial to be vigilant during hot weather for vulnerable groups like the elderly and those with chronic conditions. Ensuring proper cooling and hydration is essential to prevent serious health risks. Stay safe everyone!

  3. Alice Smith says

    It’s crucial to pay attention to the health risks posed by hot weather, especially for older individuals and those with long-term conditions. The recommendations provided by THL are essential in preventing heat-related health issues and must be followed to stay safe during heat-waves.

  4. AlexanderSmith says

    Does Finland have specific measures in place to support the elderly and those with long-term conditions during heat-waves? How effective are these measures in preventing heat-related health risks?

    1. EmilyJohnson says

      Finland has implemented various measures to support the elderly and individuals with long-term conditions during heat-waves. These measures include providing information on heat-related health risks, offering assistance in cooling strategies, and ensuring access to necessary healthcare services. While these efforts are crucial in mitigating the impact of heat on vulnerable populations, continuous monitoring and evaluation are essential to gauge the effectiveness of these measures in preventing heat-related health hazards.

  5. EmmaSmith89 says

    Older folks and those with long-term conditions face serious health risks from the scorching heat. It is essential for them to stay cool, avoid excessive heat exposure, and ensure proper hydration to prevent any heat-related health issues. THL’s advice on managing hot weather conditions is crucial for vulnerable individuals to stay safe and healthy.

  6. LindaSmith82 says

    Do older people in Finland have access to adequate resources to help them cope with the heat during the summer months?

    1. JohnJohnson79 says

      Older people in Finland may face challenges in coping with the heat during the summer months, especially if they belong to a risk group and have limited access to resources that can help prevent heat-related health issues. It’s important for communities to provide support and resources to ensure the well-being of vulnerable individuals during hot weather conditions.

  7. LindaSmith98 says

    It’s concerning to hear about the risks of heat for older folks and those with long-term conditions. The advice from THL on staying cool and hydrated during hot weather is crucial for staying healthy. Let’s make sure to take care of our vulnerable population during these heat-waves!

  8. EmmaSmith_87 says

    Hot weather and heat-waves pose a significant health risk to vulnerable populations like the elderly and those with long-term illnesses in Finland. The advice from THL is crucial in ensuring the safety of these individuals, especially during extended periods of high temperatures. It’s important to take precautions such as staying hydrated, avoiding extreme heat, and keeping indoor areas cool to prevent heat-related health issues.

  9. AmyJohnson86 says

    As an older individual, I fully agree with the warnings issued by THL regarding the health risks posed by scorching heat. It’s crucial for people like us to take extra precautions during heat-waves to stay safe and healthy.

  10. AnnaSmith_78 says

    It’s concerning to see the health risks older folks and individuals with long-term conditions face during hot weather. THL’s advice is crucial for staying safe in such conditions, especially for those at higher risk.

  11. EmilySmith97 says

    Do older folks and those with long-term conditions in Finland have enough support in preventing heat-related health risks during hot weather and heat-waves?

  12. Linda88 says

    Are there any specific warning signs that elderly individuals or those with long-term conditions should watch out for during a heat-wave in Finland?

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