Finland, UK sign deal on strategic partnership

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Finland, UK sign deal on strategic partnership

Finland and the United Kingdom (UK) on Monday signed a declaration on a strategic partnership between the countries in London, said the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen and her UK counterpart David Cameron signed the declaration for their respective countries.

“UK is our close friend and we are committed to further deepening our ties. Today (Monday) we signed the declaration on strategic partnership. Finland and UK share a broad agenda and are unanimous about supporting Ukraine and the need to counter Russia’s aggression. Many thanks to David Cameron,” Valtonen wrote in a post in her social media platform X after signing the declaration.

“A pleasure to welcome Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen to London. From supporting Ukraine until they are victorious, to deeper cooperation on security, the new UK-Finland strategic partnership brings us even closer,” Cameron wrote in a post in X.

The UK is an important and close partner for Finland. The strategic partnership between Finland and the UK will deepen and promote multi-sector cooperation in many areas, including global and multilateral issues, the economy, migration, security and defence, energy, environmental and climate issues, research and education, and science, innovation and technology.

Valtonen and Cameron also discussed bilateral issues, support for Ukraine, the far-reaching effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the security situation in Europe, and the situation in Gaza.

The declaration represents the political will of the governments of the UK and Finland and does not give rise to any rights or obligations under domestic or international law, nor does it preclude future new areas of cooperation that may be identified and agreed by the Governments.

The activities set forth in this declaration will be implemented in line with Finnish and UK legislation, as well as applicable international law, including the obligations arising from Finland’s membership of the European Union.

Click here to read the full text of the declaration.


  1. EmilySmith says

    Is there any information on the specific areas of cooperation between Finland and the UK under this new strategic partnership?

  2. EmilyJohnson says

    As a citizen of Finland, I am thrilled to see the deepening of our strategic partnership with the UK. It’s crucial for both countries to stand united in supporting Ukraine against Russia’s aggression. This declaration sets a strong foundation for future collaboration across various sectors. Kudos to Elina Valtonen and David Cameron for their commitment.

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