EU mulls extending temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees

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EU mulls extending temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees

The European Union (EU) is mulling extending the temporary protection for another year for people fleeing from Ukraine due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, reported Xinhua, quoting the Ukrayinska Pravda media outlet on Tuesday.

According to the report, the European Commission has proposed to prolong the special regime from March 5, 2025, to March 4, 2026.

The EU Justice and Home Affairs Council is set to consider the proposal on June 13, it added.

Currently, almost 4.2 million people, who fled Ukraine as a consequence of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, got temporary shelter in EU member states. The special regime gives them residency rights, as well as access to the labor market, medical and other assistance.

Temporary protection is an emergency measure by the EU for non-EU citizens in the event of mass displacement due to extreme circumstances.

In March 2022, the EU introduced the temporary protection of Ukrainians fleeing the war, and in September 2023, it was extended until March 2025.


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