Erdogan & Rutte Chat About Running for NATO Boss

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Erdogan, Rutte discuss NATO chief candidacy

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and visiting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte discussed Rutte's candidacy for the position of Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during a meeting in Istanbul on Friday, reported Xinhua.

Following the meeting at the Vahdettin Mansion on the Asian side of the city, Erdogan and Rutte held a joint press conference.

"No one should doubt that we will make our decision within the framework of strategic wisdom and fairness," Erdogan told reporters, adding that he shared with Rutte what kind of qualities Türkiye would like to see in the new NATO secretary general.

Erdogan emphasized his expectation for the future secretary-general to prioritize the preservation of NATO's primary position in ensuring Euro-Atlantic security.

The Turkish leader added that during a phone conversation last week, he discussed NATO's role with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, who also announced his candidacy for the post.

Rutte, for his part, emphasized that Türkiye is a geopolitical actor with significant influence in the region, stating that NATO's southern flank needs the country.

"Türkiye plays an important role in Gaza and Ukraine," Rutte said, highlighting Türkiye's decisive efforts, especially in resolving the conflict in Gaza.

Jens Stoltenberg, who became NATO Secretary General in 2014, will end his term on Oct. 1 this year after NATO allies unanimously extended his term four times.


  1. EmilySmith says

    Do you think Rutte’s candidacy has a good chance of being accepted by NATO?

    1. DavidJohnson says

      Hi EmilySmith, based on Erdogan’s statement regarding Rutte’s candidacy, it seems like there is a strong possibility of it being accepted by NATO. Erdogan emphasized the importance of strategic wisdom and fairness in the decision-making process, suggesting a positive outlook for Rutte’s candidacy. It will be interesting to see how NATO’s decision unfolds.

  2. AmyJones says

    I think it’s crucial for NATO to have a secretary-general who understands the geopolitical dynamics of the region. Erdogan’s emphasis on prioritizing NATO’s role in Euro-Atlantic security is commendable, and Rutte’s recognition of Turkey’s influence in the region is spot on. It will be interesting to see how this decision shapes the future of the organization.

  3. EmmaSmith86 says

    As an observer, I believe Rutte’s candidacy for the NATO Secretary General position brings an interesting dynamic to the table. Erdogan’s emphasis on strategic wisdom and fairness in decision-making resonates well with the expectations from a leader in such a crucial role. It’s clear that the future secretary-general will play a vital role in upholding NATO’s core values and ensuring Euro-Atlantic security. Türkiye’s geopolitical influence cannot be overlooked, and the candidate chosen must navigate complex regional dynamics effectively. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

  4. Emily123 says

    Will the role of the new NATO secretary general influence the relationship between Türkiye and other NATO member countries?

    1. Andrew_Times says

      It is likely that the dynamics within NATO will be impacted by the choice for the new secretary-general. Türkiye’s stance on regional security and its relationship with other member countries will be crucial factors in this decision.

  5. AnnieSmith_87 says

    Do you think Rutte has the necessary qualities to become the new NATO secretary general?

  6. EmilySmith87 says

    Do you think Rutte is the right candidate for the NATO Secretary General position, considering Türkiye’s expectations and influence in the region?

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