Easter Kickoff is Buzzing with Excitement, Swapping Gifts

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The Easter celebration has begun on Friday across the country through marking the Good Friday amidst festivity and joys.

People will be seen to wear new Easter clothes and lit bonfire on Saturday, the Easter eve. Bonfire originated from an old belief of turning the witches aside.

The celebrations also include exchanging gifts and greeting cards.

All the government, semi-government and private offices including bank remained closed from Friday to Monday and resume on Tuesday.

Many markets and shopping malls will remain open for limited hours in separate schedules during the holidays while many will remain closed.

The business organisations decide their own opening hours as retail opening hours have been de-regulated during the recent years.

National monopoly alcohol retailer Alko remained closed on Good Friday, as well as on Sunday and Monday. Its outlets are open on Saturday until 6:00pm.

Easter eve programmes will be held as per the tradition.

The children will be seen to visit door to door wearing special dress with the greetings of the Easter.

Easter Sunday will be observed all over the country on the last day of the week as elsewhere the globe commemorating the religious believe of Christian community about Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead after his crucifixion.

According to Christianity, Easter culminates the passion of Jesus which is preceded by the season of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer and penance.

Easter Day is celebrated in the Christian world as a festival marking Jesus rose from the dead and lives forever.

Jesus had told his followers before his arrest that he would be crucified and on the third day he would rise from the dead. Sunday is the third day from the Good Friday.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. JenniferSmith says

    I think Easter is a wonderful time for families to come together and celebrate traditions. It’s great to see people embracing the festive spirit by exchanging gifts and sharing greetings. The cultural significance of Easter is beautifully reflected in the various customs and rituals observed during this time. Wishing everyone a joyous and blessed Easter celebration!

  2. EmilySmith says

    As the Easter celebrations kick off, it’s exciting to see the festive spirit spreading across the country. Exchanging gifts and greeting cards adds to the joy of the season. The tradition of lighting bonfires on Easter eve is a fascinating blend of old beliefs and modern customs. It’s heartwarming to see children going door to door in special attire, sharing Easter greetings. Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter filled with happiness and blessings!

  3. EmilyJohnson says

    As a fervent supporter of Easter traditions, I believe that exchanging gifts and greeting cards during this festive time adds a special touch to the celebration. It’s heartwarming to see people coming together, wearing new clothes, and participating in Easter eve bonfires. Let’s not forget the significance of Easter Sunday, where we honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. May this Easter season be filled with blessings and joy for everyone!

  4. AmandaSmith says

    The Easter celebration has brought so much joy and excitement to everyone! It’s heartwarming to see people coming together to exchange gifts and spread happiness. The tradition of lighting bonfires and dressing up is truly fascinating. Let’s embrace the spirit of Easter and enjoy this festive time with our loved ones!

  5. EmilyWilliams says

    It’s heartwarming to see the Easter tradition alive and well with people exchanging gifts and dressing up in new clothes. It’s a lovely way to mark the occasion and switch into the joyful festive spirit!

  6. EmilySmith says

    The Easter celebration is such a joyous time of year! I love seeing everyone dressed in their new Easter clothes and gathering around the bonfire on Easter eve. It’s great to exchange gifts and greeting cards with loved ones during this special holiday. The traditions and customs make Easter truly unique and memorable.

  7. EmmaSmith93 says

    As an Easter enthusiast, I love the festive spirit that comes with this holiday. Exchanging gifts and greeting cards adds a touch of warmth to the celebrations. It’s heartwarming to see the tradition of visiting door to door on Easter Sunday still alive. Let’s embrace the joy of Easter kickoff with open arms!

  8. EmilyJoy says

    Is there any specific significance behind the tradition of exchanging gifts during Easter, or is it more of a modern practice?

    1. ChrisSmith says

      Exchanging gifts during Easter actually dates back to ancient traditions where it symbolized the sharing of goodwill and blessings during the holiday season. It was a way to spread happiness and celebrate the renewal of life. While the practice has evolved over time, the essence of sharing joy and love remains at the core of this tradition.

  9. EmilyCrafter says

    Do people still follow the tradition of lighting bonfires to ward off witches during Easter celebrations?

    1. PeterTravels says

      Yes, the tradition of lighting bonfires during Easter celebrations is still followed by many communities as part of warding off witches. It is a fascinating custom with historical roots that add to the festive atmosphere of the Easter eve.

  10. EmilySmith says

    The Easter kickoff sounds amazing! I love the tradition of wearing new clothes and lighting bonfires on the Easter eve. It’s a beautiful way to mark the occasion and bring people together. Looking forward to exchanging gifts and greeting cards during this festive time.

  11. EmmaMWrites says

    The Easter festivities sound delightful! It’s heartwarming to see people coming together to celebrate traditions and exchange gifts. Wishing everyone a joyous Easter weekend filled with love and happiness.

  12. EmilySmith92 says

    As an Easter enthusiast myself, I can’t contain my excitement about all these wonderful festivities! Swapping gifts and dressing up in new Easter clothes really adds to the joy of the season. It’s great to see the traditions being carried on, and I’m looking forward to attending the Easter eve bonfire. Wishing everyone a blessed and happy Easter celebration!

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