Deaths from illegal drugs in Germany at record high in 2023

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Deaths from illegal drugs in Germany at record high in 2023

The number of deaths related to illegal drugs in Germany has risen significantly in recent years and reached a record high in 2023, reported dpa.

A total of 2,227 people died in 2023 due to the consumption of illegal substances, 237 more than in the year before, Germany's commissioner for addiction and drug issues, Burkhard Blienert, announced in Berlin on Wednesday.

The figure is the highest number ever recorded in the country.

According to the commissioner, there was a significant increase in deaths related to cocaine and crack cocaine, which rose from 507 to 610.

Heroin was still the drug most frequently associated with deaths, although the number of deaths caused by the drug fell slightly from 749 to 712.

There was an increase in deaths caused by mixed substances.

Blienert said that the figures were alarming and were now around twice as high as 10 years ago.

"[It should be noted that] more and more substances are being mixed, that there are ever stronger substances, that everything that is available on the market is being taken," Blienert said. "We need very concrete progress in prevention and social help on the ground."

He argued, for instance, that Germany should open more facilities where those addicted to drugs can consume them in a less risky manner under controlled conditions. There are currently 31 such facilities nationwide.


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