Berlin calls for EU-wide scheme to distribute Ukrainian refugees

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Berlin calls for EU-wide scheme to distribute Ukrainian refugees

The German Interior Ministry is calling for an EU-wide distribution scheme for new refugees from Ukraine, reported dpa.

Germany is "strongly in favour of solidarity in the distribution of those seeking protection and is of the opinion that it is particularly necessary to discuss and find solutions with regard to secondary migration from other EU member states," a spokesman for Interior Minister Nancy Faeser told Die Welt newspaper in a piece posted online on Friday.

A uniform distribution regime for new arrivals from Ukraine should therefore be sought throughout the EU, he said.

In the case of secondary migration, a migrant moves from the country in which they first arrived to another.

Negotiations are currently under way at EU level on a follow-up regulation for Ukrainian refugees. Temporary protection under the so-called mass influx directive expires on March 4, 2025; it has not yet been decided what exactly a follow-up regulation should look like.

It remains to be seen whether there will be any changes to the current procedure, such as a new distribution regime. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, it is important to "remain in dialogue with Ukraine on all important issues."

Until now, Ukrainians have been able to freely choose their destination country in the EU and can also travel onwards. Germany has taken in more than 1 million people from Ukraine.

"In addition to questions of long-term prospects for refugees who have already been granted protection, it is important for Germany to ensure a common approach within the EU, in particular solidarity-based distribution and the prevention of secondary migration for refugees arriving in the future," said the ministry spokesman. "The application of Article 11 could contribute to this."

Article 11 of the mass influx directive actually obliges member states, with the exception of Denmark, to take back those entitled to protection who wish to travel on to another EU country without authorization. So far, however, it has not been applied.

Should it now be applied, newly arriving Ukrainian refugees may have to expect repatriation if they continue their journey within the EU.


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  1. EmilySmith82 says

    Germany strongly supports the idea of an EU-wide distribution scheme for Ukrainian refugees. It is crucial to ensure solidarity and discuss solutions for secondary migration within the EU. I believe a uniform distribution system for new arrivals from Ukraine needs to be implemented across all EU countries.

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