Automated monitoring of specialists’ residence permit begins

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Automated monitoring of specialists' residence permit begins

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) on Monday started automated post-decision monitoring regarding the residence permit for a specialist, said Migri in a press release.

The purpose of automated post-decision monitoring is to verify whether the holder of a residence permit for a specialist still meets the requirements for the permit.

This post-decision monitoring initiative covers residence permits for a specialist issued on 1 January 2023 or thereafter.

A residence permit for a specialist can be granted to a person who arrives in Finland to work in expert duties that require special expertise and meets all the permit requirements.

Post-decision monitoring will focus on the key requirements for the permit. The Migri will verify whether the specialist has been paid a salary that meets the income requirement.

“Automation makes the process of issuing a residence permit for a specialist more seamless and enables us to detect misuse more efficiently. Post-decision monitoring gives us information that we can utilise to streamline the processing of the permits,” said Pauliina Helminen, Director of Permit and Citizenship Department.

The Migri has conducted post-decision monitoring since 2017. Automated post-decision monitoring is already being used to monitor the permits of students and startup entrepreneurs.


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