Woman in Iraq Fakes Death, Ends Up in Custody

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Police think a former asylum seeker who went back to Iraq faked his death, and then his daughter got compensation from the European Court of Human Rights.

Woman remanded in custody in Iraq ‘faked death’ case

A 23-year old woman was remanded in custody on Friday at the Western Uusimaa District Court, in connection with the case of an Iraqi man whose death police think was faked.

The woman is facing fraud and forgery charges, and is believed to be the daughter of an Iraqi asylum seeker called Ali, who went back voluntarily to his homeland after his application was rejected by Finnish authorities.

Ali was then apparently killed soon after he got back to Iraq – shot three times – and his daughter took the case to the European Court of Human Rights where Finland was found to have breached international law by not properly assessing the risks to his life.

Earlier this week police said they thought Ali’s death certificate was forged.

In court on Friday the suspect was accompanied by an interpreter, while the investigating officer from the National Bureau of Investigations joined proceedings via video link.

In the European Court of Human Rights case last autumn, Finland was ordered to pay Ali’s daughter Noor €20,000 for the suffering her father’s death had apparently caused.

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Source: newsnowfinland.fi

  1. AmyJohnson says

    It’s appalling to think that someone would go to such lengths to fake their own death just to gain compensation. The whole situation is incredibly deceitful and manipulative.

  2. Fatima87 says

    As a woman from Iraq myself, it is disheartening to see these fraudulent actions tarnishing our community’s reputation. It’s crucial for authorities to thoroughly investigate such cases and ensure justice prevails.

  3. Amanda87 says

    Do you think the daughter was aware of her father’s plan to fake his death in order to get compensation from the European Court of Human Rights?

    1. EmilySmith79 says

      It’s difficult to say for sure whether the daughter was aware of her father’s plan to fake his death. In situations like this, there can be a lot of complexities and unknown factors at play. It’s important for the authorities to thoroughly investigate and uncover the truth behind these events.

  4. AmySmith says

    It’s alarming to see how individuals can manipulate legal systems for personal gain, jeopardizing the credibility of genuine asylum cases. The case highlights the importance of thorough verification processes to prevent such fraudulent activities.

  5. Ashley89 says

    Was the daughter aware of her father’s plan to fake his death, or was she also deceived into thinking he was actually killed?

    1. EmilySays says

      It is unclear at this point whether the daughter was complicit in her father’s plan or if she was also a victim of deception. The investigation will likely shed more light on the daughter’s involvement in the case.

  6. SaraWilliams_89 says

    It’s shocking to see the extent some people would go to for personal gain. The story of this woman and her father’s alleged death raises serious questions about the integrity of the legal system. It’s important for justice to prevail in cases like this.

  7. Emily85 says

    Is it possible that the daughter was unaware of her father’s plan to fake his death and seek compensation from the European Court of Human Rights?

    1. JohnSmith76 says

      It seems unlikely that the daughter was unaware of her father’s plan. In such cases, family members are usually involved in the deception to benefit from any potential compensation.

  8. MilaJohnson says

    As a woman, I find this story truly concerning. It’s heartbreaking how someone would go to such extreme lengths for compensation, especially taking advantage of a tragic situation like a father’s alleged death. This highlights the importance of thoroughly investigating such cases to prevent exploitation of the system.

  9. Aisha93 says

    It’s shocking to learn about this case. If the allegations are true, it’s a deeply disturbing situation that needs to be thoroughly investigated. The implications for both the legal system and the rights of individuals are concerning.

  10. EmilySmith says

    It is truly concerning how far some people are willing to go for personal gain. The situation of the Iraqi man and his daughter is a clear example of the flaws in the asylum system and the consequences of fraudulent actions. Justice must prevail in cases like this to deter others from engaging in such deceitful behavior.

  11. MeganSmith123 says

    How was the daughter able to successfully present the case to the European Court of Human Rights after her father’s alleged death in Iraq? Was there concrete evidence supporting her claims?

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