Vladimir Putin Isn’t After Ukraine, He’s Eyeing Europe, Says German Minister

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Putin's goal is not Ukraine but Europe: German minister

Germany will continue its support for Ukraine as a bulwark against the ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but huge increases in spending lie ahead, Finance Minister Christian Lindner told a party conference in Berlin on Saturday, reported dpa.

"We are supporting Ukraine because it is our first line of defence against Putin," said Lindner, who is from the pro-business Free Democrats(FDP) – a junior partner in Germany's ruling coalition led by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz.

Although the Russian leader had attacked Ukraine, "he means all of us and our way of life," according to Lindner.

Putin wants not only to erase Ukraine from the map, but to divide Europe and NATO and ensure that the United States withdraws from Europe, warned the minister.

"Putin's goal is not Ukraine. Putin's goal is to be able to exert power over us. And he must never succeed in that."

To this end, Germany must improve its ability to defend itself and its allies, he continued.

The €100 billion special fund created to update Germany's military after Russia invaded its neighbour in 2022 will be used up in a few years, Lindner said.

The armed forces will then have to be upgraded from regular funds. But this won't be possible with a limited budget and ever-growing debt, the finance minister went on.

"The task before us of defending peace and freedom in Germany, Europe and the world is not limited to a few quarters or years. It is potentially a task for decades and generations," said Lindner.

"And that's why it can't be done on credit. We need our economic strength for this.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. EmmaWrites says

    Putin’s aggressive actions towards Ukraine are a clear threat to Europe as a whole. It’s crucial that Germany takes a stand and commits to bolstering its defense capabilities to protect not just Ukraine, but the entire continent. We cannot allow Putin to succeed in his goal of exerting power over us.

  2. Megan87 says

    Does Putin have the capability to divide Europe and NATO as mentioned by Lindner? How likely is that scenario?

    1. Maxwell32 says

      Putin’s ambitions to divide Europe and NATO are a serious concern that must not be underestimated. With his strategic moves and aggressive tactics, the possibility of such a scenario cannot be ignored. It is crucial for all European nations to remain vigilant and united against any attempts to disrupt the peace and stability of the region.

  3. Emily Smith says

    Putin doesn’t just have his eye on Ukraine, he’s aiming for Europe too. We must stand firm against his ambitions and strengthen our defense capabilities to protect our way of life.

  4. EmmaSmith123 says

    Putin isn’t just targeting Ukraine, he’s eyeing all of Europe. Germany must step up its support for Ukraine to counter Putin’s ambitions. It’s crucial for us to strengthen our defense capabilities and prevent any power exertion by him.

  5. Emily Davis says

    Putin isn’t just targeting Ukraine, he is aiming at all of us and our way of life. We must strengthen our defenses and stand united against his ambitions to divide Europe and exert power over us. Germany’s commitment to support Ukraine is crucial. Lindner’s words highlight the importance of safeguarding peace and freedom for our future.

  6. EmilySmith24 says

    Do you think other European countries are taking enough action to counter Putin’s ambitions as stated by the German Minister Lindner?

    1. JohnDavis88 says

      Some European countries have been taking steps, but a unified front is crucial in countering Putin’s ambitions. It’s essential for Europe to stand together against any threats to our collective security and values.

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