Police find no crime link to death of boy in Nokia

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Police find no crime link to death of boy in Nokia

Police did not find any link of crime to the death of a boy in Nokia on Friday, said police in a press release on Saturday.

Earlier on Friday, Police started the preliminary investigating into the incident as a suspected murder.

But after investigating the circumstances of the death, police said that they did not suspect crime link to the incident anymore.

The police interrogated several people in connection with the incident and collected information from the video footage.

Police said that there was no reason to suspect a crime in connection with the boy's death, and they were not investigation into the death as a suspected murder.

The police, however, will continue the investigation to find out the reason behind the death.

The teenage boy was found dead in Nokia, a municipality in Pirkanmaa region on Friday morning.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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