Finland sees ever lowest birth rate in 2023

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Finland sees ever lowest birth rate in 2023

The total fertility rate in Finland for 2023 was 1.32, which is the lowest birth rate since statistics compilation started in the year 1776, according to Statistics Finland.

The number of births fell to 43,383 children in 2023. The total fertility rate was lowest in Kymenlaakso (1.01), North Karelia (1.14) and South Karelia (1.16).

In turn, the birth rate in 2023 was highest in Central Ostrobothnia (1.7), Åland (1.58) and Ostrobothnia (1.57).

Among municipalities with over 20,000 population, the total fertility rate was lowest in Tampere (1.07), Joensuu (1.07), Turku (1.08) and Savonlinna (1.12) in 2020 to 2023.

In all, 16.2 per cent of children born in 2023 were born to foreign-language speaking mothers.

In 2023, the average age of first-time biological mothers rose to 30.3 years and that of first-time biological fathers to 32.2 years.


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  1. Emma_Smith says

    In my opinion, the declining birth rate in Finland is a concerning trend that needs to be addressed. It’s alarming to see such low fertility rates, especially in certain regions. Policies should be implemented to support families and encourage childbearing to ensure a stable population growth for the future.

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