Let’s Meet Up at Vantaa’s Multilingual Help Hub!

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Vantaa’s multilingual guidance service has operated in Vantaa for two years, according to the City of Vantaa. The service is aimed at all foreign-language speaking residents of Vantaa who need help with question related to integration and dealing with authorities. What does this mean in practice? Why is the service so important to many people? Let’s learn about the service together through customer experiences.

The Ukrainian Yuliia is about to move from Järvenpää to Vantaa. She is happy to give an interview: there is clearly a strong relationship of trust between the customer and multilingual advisor. She has worked with Irina to make progress with switching her municipality of residence, learn about relevant matters with Kela and, of course, fill in a housing application. Yuliia finds it extremely important that high-quality advice and guidance is available in a language she understands.

“The majority of Ukrainian’s cannot handle the Finnish service system alone. The lack of language proficiency makes it difficult to find information. Another point of confusion is the fact that every municipality has its own ways, so no help can be provided with the processes of another municipality,” Yuliia says, describing the challenges she has faced in Finland.

According to Yuliia, the multilingual guidance services provides comprehensive service that is not available elsewhere.

Building a life in Finland with the support of a Multilingual Advisor

Abdishakur, who advises local residents in English and Somali, says that there is a great deal of variation in his working days and the service needs of his customers. For example, Abdishakur explains that, in the case of people who have recently moved to Finland, he needs to work with them to “build their entire life in the country” – from finding housing, applying for school and reunifying the family. For multilingual guidance, efficient and functional cooperation with the city, well-being service county and local organisations is highly significant.

Today’s visitors in Tikkurila, Tetiana and Abbas, are returning customers known by the advisor. Multilingual guidance service assists in filling in forms, for example. This also includes supporting digital service access on a computer or the customer’s own phone. Tetiana says that the guidance service has helped her apply for Finnish-language courses and access TE Services, while Abbas has been assisted with applying for vocational school, for example.

Abbas has also recommended the service to his friends. Both indicate that they are grateful that there is an easily accessible place to ask for advice.

Multilingual guidance with a supportive approach to integration

Multilingual advisor Mariam’s customer Sarah is an Iraqi woman, who has been living in Finland for two years. Sarah finds interacting with various authorities in Finnish challenging, even though she already speaks the language a little bit.

With an advisor who speaks the customer’s native language, it is possible to review the service situations phase by phase. Difficult bureaucratic terms are explained to the customer. The service aims to strengthen and support the independence of customers.

“The service provided by the multilingual advisors in Vantaa is friendly and precise. Help is also available quickly, which is very important, Sarah says with a smile.

Vantaa Multilingual Guidance

Free personal guidance on the services of the city, organisations and various official services. The service languages are Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Russian, Somali, Dari, Farsi, Arabic and Kurdish. The advisors will assist you or guide you to the right service!

Our services are available at the Vantaa Info Centre in Tikkurila and Myyrmäki:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment 9:00–15:00.

Thursdays and Fridays by appointment only.

You can make an appointment by visiting Vantaa Info, calling or sending email to the multilingual advisors.

The guidance is organised by the Neuvova Vantaa project. From the start of 2025, the law will require municipalities to organise low-threshold guidance and advice services to all immigrants.

Guidance times and languages and the contact details of the advisors: vantaa.fi/en/multilingualguidance.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. Julia Thompson says

    As an immigrant myself, I fully understand the importance of having access to high-quality multilingual guidance services in a new country. It can be overwhelming to navigate unfamiliar systems and processes, especially when language barriers exist. Services like the one in Vantaa can truly make a difference in helping individuals integrate and thrive in their new environment.

  2. Julia Ivanov says

    As an immigrant myself, I can truly appreciate the importance of services like the multilingual help hub in Vantaa. It’s not just about understanding the language, but also the complex systems and procedures in a new country. Such services are a lifeline for many individuals trying to navigate a foreign environment.

  3. Olga Johnson says

    As a Russian-speaking immigrant in Germany, I completely understand the importance of having access to multilingual guidance services when dealing with authorities in a foreign country. It can be overwhelming to navigate through complex systems and processes without proper language support. Yuliia’s experience highlights the crucial role these services play in assisting newcomers in integrating smoothly into a new society.

  4. Maria_Linguist says

    As a professional language expert, I fully support the importance of Vantaa’s multilingual guidance service. It is crucial for newcomers to have access to information and support in a language they are comfortable with. Language barriers should not be an obstacle to integration and accessing essential services. Kudos to the City of Vantaa for providing such a valuable resource!

  5. Emily Johnson says

    As an immigrant myself, I can relate to the challenges Yuliia is facing. It’s crucial to have support in a language you understand to navigate a new country’s systems effectively. Multilingual guidance services play a vital role in helping foreign residents integrate and access necessary assistance.

  6. Emily1987 says

    What specific types of help are offered to foreign-language speaking residents at Vantaa’s Multilingual Help Hub? How does the service tailor its assistance to different integration and administrative needs?

    1. MattJohnson92 says

      Hi Emily1987, at Vantaa’s Multilingual Help Hub, various types of assistance are provided to foreign-language speaking residents. This includes help with questions related to integration, dealing with authorities, navigating the Finnish service system, understanding relevant matters with Kela, filling out forms such as housing applications, and more. The service is tailored to meet the specific integration and administrative needs of each individual, ensuring that language barriers are overcome and residents receive the guidance they require for successful settlement in Vantaa. Feel free to explore more about the services offered and how they can support you or others in similar situations.

  7. EmmaSmith103 says

    What specific languages are supported by the Multilingual Help Hub in Vantaa? Do they offer assistance in uncommon languages as well?

    1. AlexJohnson89 says

      Yes, the Multilingual Help Hub in Vantaa offers assistance in a wide range of languages, including common ones like English, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish, as well as less common languages like Kurdish, Somali, and Vietnamese. The goal is to provide support to all residents who need help navigating integration and dealing with authorities in Vantaa. So, rest assured, they strive to assist in as many languages as possible to cater to the diverse community in Vantaa.

  8. EmilyBrown says

    It’s amazing to see how Vantaa’s multilingual guidance service is making a real difference in the lives of foreign-language speaking residents, like Yuliia. Having access to high-quality advice and guidance in a language they understand can truly help in navigating the complexities of the Finnish service system and integration processes. Kudos to the team behind this invaluable service!

  9. Emily_Rose82 says

    As a foreign-language speaker myself, I fully agree with Yuliia’s perspective on the importance of multilingual guidance services. It’s crucial for newcomers to feel supported and understood when navigating the complexities of integration and dealing with authorities. Such services bridge the gap caused by language barriers and contribute to a sense of belonging in the community.

  10. Maria_smiles says

    As a bilingual speaker myself, I can truly appreciate the value of services like these in Vantaa. It’s amazing to see how much of a difference it can make in someone’s everyday life. I hope this initiative continues to grow and support even more individuals in need.

  11. Anna Smith says

    As an immigrant myself, I understand the struggles of navigating a new country’s systems without proper language support. The multilingual guidance service in Vantaa is crucial for helping foreign residents like Yuliia integrate smoothly. It’s heartwarming to hear about the positive impact it has on people’s lives.

  12. Emily Thompson says

    In my opinion, it’s really crucial to have multilingual guidance services like the one in Vantaa. As Yuliia mentioned, navigating the Finnish service system can be extremely challenging for non-Finnish speakers. Having access to advisors who can provide information and assistance in different languages can make a huge difference for individuals trying to integrate into a new country.

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