Bomb Scare Clears Out Airport in Denmark!

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Danish airport evacuated following bomb threat

Emergency services were scrambled to Billund airport in Denmark on Saturday following a bomb threat, reported Xinhua.

Danish Police confirmed the incident, without divulging further details, but urged people to stay away from the site.

Scores of firefight vehicles were seen rushing to the airport, the second largest in Denmark, a witness told Danish TV 2.

While the terminal was evacuated, other passengers were first stranded in the planes before being taken to an old terminal building, local media reported.

Meanwhile, planes en route to the airport were rerouted, TV 2 reported.

By 1 p.m. local time (11 a.m. GMT), no official information was available regarding the incident, but TV 2 published footage of a man in handcuffs being led away from the airport by police.

Around 4 million passengers passed through the airport last year, Radio Denmark reported.


  1. Emily82 says

    It’s alarming how frequent bomb threats have become in public places. Authorities need to tighten security measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

  2. EmmaSmith83 says

    I can’t believe the airport had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat. It’s scary how these situations can unfold so quickly. Hoping everyone stays safe and that the authorities can resolve this swiftly.

  3. Laura_1985 says

    It’s frightening how quickly things can escalate in such situations. I hope everyone involved remains safe and the authorities are able to handle the threat swiftly.

  4. EmilyJones87 says

    It’s alarming to see such incidents happening at airports. Safety should always be the top priority for everyone involved. Let’s hope the authorities handle the situation swiftly and ensure the safety of all passengers and staff.

  5. Anne_Kristensen says

    I can’t believe this happened at Billund airport! It’s terrifying to think about such threats. I hope everyone stays safe and they catch whoever is responsible for this.

  6. LindaSmith76 says

    It’s terrifying to think how vulnerable we are in such situations. Safety measures must be more robust in airports to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

  7. MollySmith98 says

    It’s terrifying that such incidents can occur at a busy airport. Safety should always be the top priority in situations like these. Let’s hope everyone involved is safe and that authorities handle the situation swiftly.

  8. EmilyBaker86 says

    Such a terrifying situation! I hope everyone stays safe and that the authorities quickly resolve this issue.

  9. EmilySmith_98 says

    Was there any update on the situation at the airport after the man was taken away by the police?

  10. Jennifer92 says

    It’s alarming to see such incidents happening at airports. Safety should always be the top priority in these situations. I hope everyone involved stays safe.

  11. Emily_1987 says

    Was the man in handcuffs connected to the bomb threat at the airport in Denmark? Any updates on the situation?

  12. Emily1990 says

    I can’t imagine the panic and chaos at the airport with the bomb threat. It’s fortunate that emergency services were able to respond quickly and ensure the safety of everyone involved. Let’s hope for a swift resolution to the situation and that such incidents are prevented in the future.

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