Bulgaria intercepts 2 trucks with 62 immigrants on board

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Bulgaria intercepts 2 trucks with 62 immigrants on board

Bulgarian authorities at the Danube Bridge checkpoint in Vidin near the Romanian border have captured 62 immigrants hidden in two trucks, who were attempting to leave the country, officials said on Thursday, reported Xinhua.

The Prosecutor's Office said in a statement that the first truck, driven by a Lithuanian citizen, was intercepted on Tuesday with 33 immigrants on board.

The immigrants were hidden in a 12-meter-long secret compartment made of metal, which was built into the trailer, the statement said.

The passengers, 12 of them minors, were from Syria and all of them were on the territory of Bulgaria illegally.

The other truck, a refrigerated semi-trailer driven by a Turkish citizen, was stopped on Wednesday, the statement said, adding that seven of the 29 immigrants found in the truck were minors.

The drivers of the two vehicles and the adult migrants were arrested, according to the statement.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. MollyJohnson87 says

    It is crucial for countries to strengthen border control measures to prevent illegal immigration and human trafficking. The recent interception of two trucks with immigrants in Bulgaria highlights the ongoing challenges authorities face in combating these criminal activities.

  2. Megan1985 says

    Were the authorities able to determine the destination of the trucks and what measures are being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future?

    1. MarkJohnson72 says

      Yes, the authorities were able to determine that the trucks were headed out of the country and are now working on implementing tighter border controls to prevent similar incidents in the future. It’s crucial to tackle illegal immigration effectively to maintain security and order.

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