British Royal Air Force pilot killed in aircraft crash

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British Royal Air Force pilot killed in aircraft crash

A British Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot was killed after a Spitfire crashed near an RAF base in Lincolnshire, an RAF spokesperson said on Saturday, reported Xinhua.

"It is with great sadness that we must confirm the death of an RAF pilot in a tragic accident near RAF Coningsby today," said the spokesperson.

Earlier, a Lincolnshire police spokesperson said a "single occupant aircraft" is believed to have crashed and nobody else is thought to have been involved.

British media reported that the plane went down shortly before 1220 GMT and the crashed Spitfire was taking part in a Battle of Britain memorial event.

RAF Coningsby is home to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, a collection of wartime fighter and bomber aircraft that take part in air shows and memorial displays.


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  1. Emily_1987 says

    Such a tragic incident. My heart goes out to the RAF pilot’s family and colleagues. It is a reminder of the risks our brave servicemen and women face daily in their line of duty.

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