34 handguns stolen from Kuhmoinen firearms museum

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34 handguns stolen from Kuhmoinen firearms museum

A total of 34 handguns were stolen from the Gun and Military Museum at Kuhmoinen in Pirkanmaa region in-between late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, police said on Thursdays.

The firearms included Nagant revolvers, Lahti pistols and Colt handguns.

All of the stolen firearms remained functional, local media reported, quoting Chief Inspector and lead investigator Kari Aaltio as saying.

The police are investigating into the incident as aggravated theft.

Police urged the people to send information in this regard.

They also were trying to get information about a Toyota Avensis private car, which was moving at the area during the night of the incident.

Nobody was arrested in connection with the incident till Thursday.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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