A Fun and Festive Vappu Celebration in Finland Goes Off Without a Hitch!

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Vappu Day observed in Finland peacefully amid festivity

The International Workers’ Day, widely known as May Day, commemorating the 1886 uprising of Chicago workers to establish their rights was observed in the country peacefully amid festivity and joy.

The celebrations of May Day, locally called Vappu Day, began on Tuesday evening but the main celebration and May Day rallies were held on Wednesday all over the country.

Although the programmes traditionally begins on the Eve of the day through washing and crowning of the Havis Amanda statue in the capital, this year students gathered around a makeshift monument as the fountain temporarily removed for renovation.

Police said that the celebrations were peaceful across the country excepting few incidents of drunk driving and unruliness late Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

The celebrations took place at Kansalaistori (Citizens' Square) between the Oodi Central Library and the Helsinki Music Centre with thousands of people witnessed the ceremony.

Several processions and rallies were held in the capital city and other big cities.

The traditional parade of May Day organized by the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), started at 10:00 am from Hakaniemi Square and move around the city centre and the senate Square.

President Alexander Stubb and First Lady Suzanne Innes-Stubb received May Day greetings at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday morning.

The presidential couple were greeted by the Finnish Workers' Music Federation.

The wind orchestra of the Sibelius-opisto music institute in Hämeenlinna performed music this year.

The event was ended with the traditional address by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and the YL Male Voice Choir.

International Workers’ Day marks the 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago, when Chicago police fired on workers during a general strike for their legitimate rights, including an eight-hour working day. The firing resulted in the deaths of several demonstrators and police officers.

May 1 was adopted as International Workers’ Day by socialist delegates in Paris in 1889. More than 400 delegates met in Paris on the centenary of the French revolution at the Marxist International Socialist Congress, the founding meeting of the Second International.

The 1889 resolution called for a one-time demonstration but it became an annual event in the course of time. May Day was celebrated in Russia, Brazil and Ireland first in 1891.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. EmmaSmith says

    It’s great to see that the Vappu Day celebrations in Finland were peaceful and joyful. These traditions truly reflect the spirit of unity and community among the people. Let’s hope for more peaceful celebrations in the future!

  2. AvaJohnson91 says

    Was there any special performance or cultural display during the Vappu celebrations in Finland this year?

    1. JohnSmith33 says

      Yes, there were various performances and cultural displays throughout the Vappu celebrations in Finland this year. From traditional Finnish folk dances to modern music concerts, the festivities offered a vibrant mix of entertainment for everyone to enjoy!

  3. Emma_1985 says

    What were some of the highlights of the Vappu Day celebrations in Finland this year?

    1. MikeJohnson says

      Hi Emma_1985, some of the highlights of this year’s Vappu Day celebrations in Finland included the peaceful observance of International Workers’ Day with festive programs, traditional parades, and the crowning ceremony despite minor incidents of unruliness. It was a joyous and colorful event for everyone involved!

  4. MaggieSmith says

    What a wonderful celebration! It’s great to see the community coming together in joy and unity. May Day festivities like Vappu in Finland showcase the importance of honoring workers’ rights while spreading happiness and positivity. Cheers to peaceful celebrations and meaningful traditions!

  5. EmilySmith says

    What a wonderful celebration! It’s great to see the spirit of unity and joy during the Vappu festivities in Finland. May Day truly brings people together in a festive atmosphere, and it’s fantastic that everything went smoothly without any major issues. Let’s hope for more peaceful and joyous celebrations in the future!

  6. Emily79 says

    It’s great to hear that the Vappu celebration in Finland went smoothly without any major disruptions. Such a festive and joyful occasion! Let’s hope for more peaceful and fun-filled festivities in the future.

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