Finland Can’t Stop Sending Help to Ukraine Like It’s the Latest Trend

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Ukraine was the largest recipient of Finland’s official development assistance (ODA) spending in 2023 for the second consecutive year, according to a report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on Thursday.

The support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion was clearly reflected in the 2023 official development assistance (ODA) spending of Finland and many other EU Member States, said the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a press release referring to the OECD report.

The OECD released preliminary data on ODA in 2023 by the 32 member countries of its Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

The preliminary data shows that Ukraine received by far the largest amount of assistance. DAC members used EUR 18.5 billion in ODA to support Ukraine in 2023.

Finland’s official development assistance (ODA) in 2023 totalled EUR 1,452 million, showing a decline of EUR 84 million on 2022. This represented 0.52 per cent of Finland’s gross national income (GNI), according to the OECD’s preliminary data. In real terms, Finland’s ODA spending fell by 9.5 per cent.

Finland’s exclusive ODA, administered by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, totalled EUR 750 million, while Finland’s other ODA totalled EUR 702 million.

Other ODA include Finland’s share of the EU’s ODA budget, development policy loans and investments and a part of the costs generated by refugee reception.

The greatest reduction was seen in in-donor refugee costs counted as ODA. In 2023, the costs were EUR 231 million, showing a decline of EUR 159 million on 2022.

A very significant part of the sum was still spent on addressing the temporary protection needs of Ukrainians in Finland.

The overall change was balanced by development policy loans and investments, whose ODA-eligible share was EUR 108 million in 2023, showing a rise of EUR 58 million on the previous year.

A significant share of Finland’s ODA in 2023 was channelled through the UN (EUR 310 million), the EU (EUR 268 million) and the World Bank Group (EUR 156 million).

An estimated EUR 370 million, representing 0.13 per cent of Finland’s GNI, was allocated to least developed countries (LDCs), including imputed shares of multilateral organisations.

Preliminary data shows that a total of EUR 64 million was spent on supporting Ukraine (excluding in-donor refugee costs).

Last year, Finland granted EUR 125 million in humanitarian assistance as part of the official development assistance. Humanitarian assistance is a way of responding rapidly to sudden effects of natural disasters, armed conflicts and other crises when people's lives are in imminent danger.


  1. Emily_Smith says

    It’s great to see the international community stepping up to support Ukraine in the face of adversity. Finland’s commitment to providing ODA demonstrates solidarity and shared values among EU Member States. Let’s hope this assistance makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by the conflict.

  2. Lila_Smith says

    Does the decrease in Finland’s ODA spending in 2023 signal any shift in priorities or is it purely due to budget constraints?

    1. Liam_Johnson says

      From the information provided in the article, it appears that the decrease in Finland’s ODA spending in 2023 is predominantly a result of budget constraints rather than a shift in priorities. The continued support for Ukraine, despite the decrease in spending, highlights the importance Finland places on aiding those in need.

  3. MiaJohnson says

    Finland Keeps Sending Aid to Ukraine Like It’s Going Out of Style. I really appreciate Finland’s consistent support for Ukraine, especially during these challenging times. It’s heartening to see countries coming together to help those in need. Kudos to Finland for prioritizing humanitarian assistance in its ODA spending!

  4. EmilyJohnson says

    Finland continues to demonstrate its unwavering support for Ukraine, with a substantial amount of aid being sent despite the decline in ODA spending from previous years. It’s commendable to see countries standing together to provide assistance in times of crisis.

  5. EmilyJohnson87 says

    Finland has been doing an admirable job in supporting Ukraine, and it’s commendable to see their consistent efforts in providing aid. It’s heartening to witness such solidarity, especially during these challenging times.

  6. Jessica_92 says

    Finland keeps impressing me with their continuous support towards Ukraine. It’s heartwarming to see countries stepping up to help in times of crisis.

  7. Kate_thewriter says

    In my opinion, it’s commendable that Finland continues to allocate substantial resources to support Ukraine, especially in the wake of Russia’s invasion. It demonstrates a strong commitment to humanitarian aid and solidarity with a nation in need.

  8. EmilyJohnson says

    Finland can’t seem to stop sending help to Ukraine as if it’s the latest trend. This continuous support for Ukraine amidst Russia’s invasion is truly commendable. The substantial amount of official development assistance provided by Finland and other EU Member States reflects a united front in aiding Ukraine in 2023. Kudos to Finland for its unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine, even with a slight decline in ODA spending compared to the previous year.

  9. Emily_Blogger says

    Is Finland’s consistent support for Ukraine a genuine long-term commitment, or is it just a fleeting trend?

    1. John_Doe says

      It seems that Finland’s unwavering support for Ukraine is driven by a genuine commitment rather than a passing trend. The substantial official development assistance provided, especially in light of the Russian invasion, reflects a deep sense of solidarity and partnership between the two nations.

  10. EmilySmith says

    Why is Finland’s official development assistance to Ukraine declining despite the ongoing support needed after Russia’s invasion?

  11. Emily_1985 says

    It’s heartwarming to see Finland’s ongoing support for Ukraine, especially during these crucial times. This consistent aid demonstrates Finland’s commitment to promoting stability and peace in the region.

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