Number of pickpocketing on rise in Helsinki

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Number of pickpocketing on rise in Helsinki

There has been a significant number of pickpocketing incidents targeting tourists in Helsinki since the beginning of the year, said police in a press release on Tuesday.

Pickpocketing occurs most frequently between May and September, when there are many tourists in Helsinki. The peak times for these incidents are between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

“Pickpocketing particularly targets foreign tourists in the center of Helsinki. Police observations indicate that pickpockets operate in larger groups and their actions are highly professional. They are especially interested in the cash carried by tourists,” said Chief Inspector Hanna Kiiskinen.

Police also urged the people to take care of their wallet or bag.

Police advised to choose the storage place for wallet carefully and Keep the wallet in a pocket that is difficult to access.

Police also suggested to avoid keeping valuables in back pockets or the outermost compartments of a backpack, as these are easy targets for thieves.


  1. EmmaSmith_23 says

    It is really concerning to hear about the rise in pickpocketing incidents in Helsinki targeting tourists. Authorities should take stricter measures to ensure the safety of visitors in the city, especially during peak times when these incidents occur most frequently.

  2. MeganSmith93 says

    Are there any specific areas in Helsinki that tourists should be extra cautious in to avoid pickpocketing incidents?

  3. RebeccaSmith21 says

    It’s alarming how pickpocketing incidents are on the rise in Helsinki. Tourists need to be extra cautious, especially during the peak times from May to September. Chief Inspector Hanna Kiiskinen’s advice is crucial – we must secure our wallets and bags effectively to prevent becoming victims of these professional pickpockets.

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