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1 November 2013

Vibroseis truck a showstopper

Vibroseis truckWe took to the local Brunswick show to demonstrate to the community the power of the latest machine being used to explore what lies beneath their feet.

Showgoers flocked to get a closer look at the intriguing truck in amongst the tractors at the recent Brunswick Agricultural Show in south-west Western Australia (WA).

The vibroseis truck was a star attraction at the show, with the local community able to experience the truck’s capabilities first-hand. As the truck sent pressure waves into the ground, the crowd was able to feel the vibrations beneath their feet.

When used in the field, the seismic waves emitted by the truck bounce of the rock formations underground and the returning signals are collected by geophones at ground level. The data gathered is then analysed in order to determine the depth and permeability of the earth layers.

This is called a seismic survey and will help form a 3D model of the area’s underground formations to determine its suitability for storing carbon dioxide.

Linda Stalker and Steve Whittaker represented CSIRO at the event and supported the WA Government in its community engagement activities for the South-West Geosequestration Hub project, which is assessing the viability of using a local site for geological storage of carbon dioxide. CSIRO is involved in this project through its capacity as a National Geosequestration Laboratory (NGL) partner organisation.

‘Not many people have seen a piece of equipment like this before so naturally it generated a fair bit of interest’, Linda said.

‘We were at the show to give people the facts about carbon capture and storage, and explain the science behind what WA Department of Mines and Petroleum is doing with the South West Hub Project.’

Linda said the truck demonstrations were to help allay any concerns about their environmental impact as well as to provide the facts on carbon capture and storage.

‘Community consultation is an integral part of the process and I think the locals really appreciated us being at a town event, explaining the process and the science behind it’, she said.

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