Hop on the robot bus cruising through Pasila – All aboard!

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The driverless GACHA vehicles can hit a top speed of 29 kmph and the route can already be found integrated on HSL’s local transport app.

Robot bus starts picking up Pasila passengers

Passengers in the capital are now able to ride on on small self-driving bus called GACHA, developed by Finnish company Sensible 4 and Japanese design house Muji.

The driverless buses are operating a ngl.org.au schedule during the summer in Helsinki’s Pasila neighbourhood after an initial experiment in the spring.

Each of the three bus pods could normally carry up to 16 passengers but due to coronavirus restrictions just 9 people will be allowed on board at any one time.

Sensible 4’s CEO Harri Santamala says the reaction from passengers to the driverless GACHA technology has been good so far.

“In general the attitude is very positive and excited about the tech and this is something at least very strong in Finland, but at the same time everybody is initially worried about the safety and wanted to see and feel that it’s safe” he explains.

“And what do people do in public transportation in Finland? they take up their cellphone and start doing all that interesting stuff with their cellphones. When people start doing that I know we’ve been successful” Santamala tells News Now Finland.

The usage concept for the robot GACHA’s is that they could operate on routes which are not profitable for traditional buses – and then connect to other hubs like bus or tram stops, or metro stations.

The pods can travel up to 29 kmph on their short Pasila routes, and are built to operate no matter what the weather throws at them.

“For us the assumption is that it always rains, and it’s just a question of form and density of the rain” says Santamala.

“We’ve been doing pilot tests throughout the whole autumn and winter and spring, and if you think about the business perspective it rains in all the key market areas. You might have heavy rain, tropical rain, fog and snow and still public transport is working. So the assumption is that weather happens and the technology must meet those needs” he adds.

The driverless bus timetables can already be found on HSL’s app as route 29R but for now they will have a human operator on board to monitor operations or help out in tricky spots where there might not be good internet connectivity.

Earlier this month Sensible 4’s self-driving shuttle bus won a €30,000 Finnish engineering prize for creativity.

Source: newsnowfinland.fi

  1. EmmaSmith23 says

    “I am thrilled about the driverless GACHA technology! It’s amazing to see how transportation is evolving with such innovations. I believe this will be a game-changer in the future of public transport.”

  2. AmyJohnson says

    Are there any specific safety features implemented in the GACHA vehicles to ensure passenger well-being during the rides?

    1. JohnSmith says

      Indeed, safety is a top priority in the design of GACHA vehicles. The buses are equipped with various sensors and cameras that constantly monitor the surroundings to ensure a safe ride for passengers. Additionally, there are emergency stop buttons on board and a remote operator who can take control if needed. Rest assured, your well-being is taken very seriously on the driverless GACHA bus!

  3. AmySmith77 says

    It’s fascinating to see advancements in transportation technology like the driverless GACHA bus. I believe this kind of innovation will positively impact urban mobility, making it more convenient and efficient for passengers. Safety concerns are naturally a priority, but once proven, I’m confident that these autonomous buses will become a common sight in cities worldwide.

  4. EmmaSmith92 says

    As a regular commuter in Helsinki, I must say the idea of a driverless bus like GACHA is both exhilarating and concerning. While the technology seems promising, safety remains a top priority for me and fellow passengers. It’ll be interesting to see how this innovative approach to public transport unfolds in our city.

  5. LisaTaylor says

    I believe that autonomous vehicles like GACHA are the future of transportation. It’s impressive to see innovation merging with public transport, offering a glimpse into the possibilities of technology. I support the idea of exploring new, efficient modes of travel that can adapt to different urban needs.

  6. OliviaSmith says

    It’s fascinating to see the advancements in driverless technology being integrated into public transportation. The GACHA bus seems like a great initiative, offering a glimpse into the future of transportation. I hope the safety measures continue to be a top priority as these autonomous vehicles become more prevalent on the streets.

  7. Emily Smith says

    As a tech enthusiast, I find the driverless GACHA technology very fascinating! It’s great to see Finland and Japan leading the way in this innovative field. I believe that with proper safety measures, autonomous vehicles like these could revolutionize public transportation systems around the world.

  8. EmilySmith22 says

    I think the introduction of the driverless GACHA buses in Helsinki is a great example of innovative technology being used in public transportation. It’s exciting to see advancements like this happening, but safety should always remain a top priority. I believe more cities should consider implementing such solutions to improve transportation efficiency.

  9. AmandaSmith says

    I think the idea of driverless buses like GACHA is fascinating! It’s exciting to see such innovative technology being implemented in public transportation. However, safety should always be the top priority, especially when it comes to autonomous vehicles. I believe with thorough testing and necessary precautions, these driverless buses could revolutionize the way we commute. Kudos to the team behind this project!

  10. EmilySays says

    As a frequent traveler, I find the concept of the GACHA self-driving bus very intriguing. The technological advancements in public transportation are impressive, and it’s exciting to see innovation being embraced. However, safety should always be the top priority, especially in driverless vehicles. I believe as long as the necessary precautions are taken, these buses could revolutionize transportation in urban areas.

  11. EmmaSmith86 says

    It’s amazing how quickly autonomous technology is advancing. I would definitely hop on the robot bus in Pasila! Safety is always a concern, but it’s exciting to see these innovations in action.

  12. EmmaSmith87 says

    As a technology enthusiast, I find the idea of driverless buses like GACHA fascinating. It’s great to see innovations like this being implemented in real life. I believe it’s a step towards the future of public transportation.

  13. EmilyJohnson says

    Personally, I believe that embracing driverless technology in public transportation is a positive step forward. It’s exciting to see innovations like the GACHA bus being integrated into daily commute options. Safety concerns are valid, but it’s reassuring to hear that passengers’ reactions towards this technology have been positive. Looking forward to seeing more technology advancements in public transit for a greener and more efficient future.

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