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20 September 2016

NGL Geochemistry Laboratory Facilities at ARRC: A Snapshot of What We Have And What It Can Do

NGL Geochemistry Laboratory Facilities at ARRC:

A snapshot of what we have and what it can do

When: Tuesday 11th of October 9 am to 10:30 am

Where: ARRC Auditorium (26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington)

Who: Any and all, primarily those with an interest in characterisation of materials related to carbon capture and storage, but applicable to other material characterisation (rocks, soil, water, gases).

RSVP: to Bianca Moiler – by the 7th of October (for tea and coffee catering purposes)


These snapshot presentations will provide a brief overview of the NGL Geochemistry Laboratory Facilities at ARRC. Key pieces of equipment that the NGL has will be presented by a key user with the general method of operation, the appropriate contacts and methods for accessing this equipment, along with an example of how it has been used with a research outcome i.e., a case study. Each presenter will give a 5-7 minute presentation (snapshot) with a couple of minutes for questions and change over.

Following the presentations, morning tea will be provided and participants will have the option to discuss the facilities with the main users. A tour of the equipment will be arranged at the end (11:00 – 11:30 am) in smaller groups for those interested.

The preliminary presentations are:

9:00  Introduction, overview

9:10   Analysis of metals/metalloids in liquids and solids using ICP-MS/OES and a digestion block

9:20   Analysis of metals/metalloids/some isotopes in solid materials in situ using LA-ICP-MS

9:30   Analysis of major elements (C,S,N,O,H) of liquid and solid samples (C+S/TOC/Flash HT)

9:40   Analysis of anions and alkalinity in liquid samples using IC/Autotitration

9:50    Analysis of gases using mass spectroscopy (Omnistar)

10:00  Analysis of concentration and isotopic composition of CO2 and CH4 in gas samples using Picarro

10:10   Analysis of stable isotopes (C,N,S,O,H) in solids, liquids and gases using IRMS – (EA, Gasbench, GC)

10:20 Analysis of hydrocarbons in gas, liquid and solid samples using GC/GC-MS

10:30  General details for access and close

10:35   Morning tea

11:00   Optional laboratory walk through

For more information: Ryan Noble 6436 8684 or Linda Stalker 6436 8909


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