Job Threats Outlawed: No More Messing with Someone’s Livelihood!

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The idea behind the new law is to cut down on the amount of threats and harassment received by public officials or people working in areas like healthcare, journalism or teaching.

New law makes it a crime to threaten people because of their job

A new proposal from the Ministry of Justice would make it a crime in Finland for someone to threaten another person because of their job.

The draft bill means a prosecutor could bring charges for unlawful threats if they’ve been directed at someone who works for example in health care or teaching, researchers and journalists among other professions.

It would also apply to anyone working in a position of public trust such as a local council.

“In Finland, unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for people who do their work or carry out an assignment in a position of trust to be exposed to various types of harassment or threats. It is important to try to reverse this trend” says Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson (SFP).

The new law would bring changes in how suspected crimes are reported or charges pressed.

At present a prosecutor can bring charges of unlawful threats only if the victim themselves wants to press charges. In future a third party – perhaps the victim’s employer – could insist on charges being brought; or the prosecutor could bring charges if it is in the public interest.

However to avoid frivolous or bogus cases the suspected crime would have to meet a legal threshold where the victim has cause to be afraid that their personal security or property is in serious danger.


  1. Gina Smith says

    It’s definitely a step in the right direction to protect those in important roles from unwarranted threats and harassment. No one should have to fear for their safety because of their job.

  2. EmilyJohnson87 says

    It’s about time such measures are taken to protect those who dedicate their lives to public service. Threatening someone’s job is utterly deplorable and should not be tolerated. This law will hopefully deter such despicable behavior and ensure a safer work environment for all.

  3. EmilySmith says

    It’s crucial to protect those who dedicate their lives to public service or nurturing professions like healthcare and education. Threats against them must be taken seriously to safeguard their well-being and preserve social harmony.

  4. Jenna Smith says

    Isn’t it about time something like this was implemented in other countries as well? Do you think this law will be effective in reducing such threats?

    1. Mark Davidson says

      Hi Jenna Smith, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Implementing laws to protect individuals in positions of trust is crucial for maintaining a safe and respectful work environment. While it may not completely eliminate threats, it can serve as a deterrent and provide legal recourse for those affected. Hopefully, other countries will take notice and follow suit!

  5. EmilySmith43 says

    Isn’t this new law in Finland a significant step towards protecting individuals in crucial professions from undue threats? Will it truly have a substantial impact on decreasing workplace harassment and ensuring a safer working environment?

    1. MarkJohnson76 says

      EmilySmith43, I believe that this new law in Finland is indeed a crucial step towards safeguarding individuals in vital professions from unwarranted threats. By making it a criminal offense to threaten someone based on their job, this legislation sends a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated. Hopefully, it will deter potential offenders and contribute to creating a safer and more secure working environment for those in public service roles.

  6. EmilyParker says

    In my opinion, this new law in Finland is a crucial step in protecting individuals who work in sensitive and important professions from unwarranted threats and harassment. It is essential that we ensure a safe environment for those in public trust roles, such as healthcare workers, journalists, and teachers. I support the Minister of Justice’s efforts to tackle this issue and create a deterrent against such behavior.

  7. EllaSmith says

    As a journalist myself, I fully support this proposed law. It’s crucial to protect professionals in high-risk fields from threats and harassment that can jeopardize their safety and well-being. This measure could indeed help to create a safer working environment for all those dedicated individuals.

  8. Emily_Smith says

    As a professional in the journalism field, I strongly support the new law proposal in Finland. Threats and harassment should never interfere with someone’s ability to perform their job. It’s crucial to protect individuals in positions of trust and uphold their right to work without fear of intimidation.

  9. SarahJones45 says

    Do you think this new law will effectively reduce the threats and harassment towards public officials and professionals in Finland? Will it be easy to determine when a threat is unlawful in the context of someone’s job?

  10. SarahJones_78 says

    Do you think this new law will have a significant impact on reducing threats towards professionals in Finland?

  11. Sarah_Reporter says

    As a journalist, I strongly support this new law in Finland. Nobody should have to fear threats or harassment simply for doing their job. It’s crucial to protect those in public service roles and ensure their safety.

  12. EmilySmith_87 says

    Is it really feasible to enforce such a law effectively, given the challenge of proving intent behind the threats in a professional context?

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