Man Goes Up in Flames Outside Trump Trial Court in NY

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Man sets himself on fire in NY outside Trump criminal trial court

A man set himself on fire Friday afternoon outside Manhattan Criminal Court as jury selection was under way in the criminal trial of former U.S. President Donald Trump, according to media reports and videos posted on social media, reported Xinhua.

The man was engulfed in flames and was rushed to hospital later.

The man threw pamphlets into the air and poured accelerant on himself, according to the reports.

"I have set myself on fire outside the Trump trial," reads the heading of flyers left at the scene, according to a report by New York Post.

The motivation behind the man's action was not clear.

Starting from Monday, Trump appeared in a criminal court in Manhattan, New York City, in the hush money case, making him the first former U.S. president to stand a criminal trial. The trial is expected to last around six to eight weeks.


  1. Emily_92 says

    Was the man protesting outside the Trump trial? What drove him to set himself on fire?

    1. John_Doe says

      Yes, the man was believed to be protesting outside the Trump trial, as indicated by the flyers he left. The exact motivation behind his drastic action remains unclear.

  2. Emily Smith says

    It’s incredibly tragic to see the lengths some people will go to make a statement. This extreme act of self-immolation outside the Trump trial court raises serious concerns about the state of our society.

  3. EmilySmith92 says

    A tragic incident like this highlights the immense polarization in today’s society. Setting oneself on fire as a form of protest is a desperate and extreme act, indicating a deep sense of frustration and helplessness. It’s crucial to address the underlying issues that drive individuals to such drastic measures, rather than sensationalizing the event. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery for the man involved and reflect on the broader implications of such actions.

  4. Emily87 says

    It’s truly disturbing to see such extreme actions being taken outside the courthouse. The situation is already tense with the Trump trial, and this incident only adds more confusion and concern to the mix. I hope the man receives the care and support he needs.

  5. Emily88 says

    It’s incredibly alarming to see such extreme and desperate actions taking place outside the Trump trial. This just reflects the high level of tension and polarization in our society. Let’s hope for a peaceful resolution to the trial proceedings.

  6. AliceInTheCity says

    Why would someone set themselves on fire outside the Trump trial court? Is there any known motive for this extreme act?

    1. CharlieInTheCity says

      It’s indeed a shocking incident. The reports mentioned that the man’s motive remains unclear. It’s a tragic reminder of how deeply emotions can run in cases involving high-profile figures.

  7. Susie_87 says

    Was there any indication of the man’s motive behind setting himself on fire outside the Trump trial court?

  8. EmilyJohnson says

    It’s truly disturbing to hear about this incident. It’s concerning how extreme some actions can get when it comes to politics. Hoping for calm heads and a fair trial process.

  9. Emily_84 says

    It’s truly shocking to hear about such extreme actions taking place outside the Trump trial court. This incident underscores the intense emotions and divided opinions surrounding the former president’s trial. Let’s hope for a peaceful and fair legal process for all involved.

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