Boosting Ties: Iraq, Turkey Ink 20+ Deals in Bid to Strengthen Relationship

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Iraq, Türkiye sign over 20 deals to boost ties

Iraq and Türkiye on Monday struck more than 20 deals in various fields during a rare visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Iraq, reported Xinhua.

The deals were signed between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani after their meeting in Baghdad, the prime minister's office said in a statement.

During the talk, the two leaders discussed bilateral cooperation in security, rail and road construction, irrigation infrastructure and water management and witnessed the signing of more than 20 Memorandums of Understanding.

In the area of security cooperation, al-Sudani said that the two sides talked about confronting the challenges posed by the presence of militants that may cooperate with terrorism and violate the security of the two countries.

"The security of Iraq and Türkiye is indivisible, and cooperation between us is important for security in the region," he added.

During Erdogan's visit, the Turkish president and Iraqi premier also witnessed the signing of a preliminary four-way agreement by ministers from Türkiye, Iraq, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to cooperate on a road development project, the prime minister's office said in a separate statement.

Iraq proposed the project in May 2023 to build a south-north rail and road corridor linking its main southern port of Basra up to the country's border with Türkiye, to boost economic integration.

The MoUs also include a 10-year management deal for the water resources of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which flow from Türkiye's north to the Gulf in southern Iraq. Iraq has long held concerns over the decrease in its share of the water.

"This agreement will last for 10 years and will be sufficient to achieve joint and fair management of water resources," Al-Sudani said

Erdogan said the new deals inked with Iraq represent "a new turning point in our relations with Iraq," adding that the road project will promote trade.

In a separate meeting with his Iraqi counterpart, Abdul Latif Rashid, Erdogan said Türkiye understands Iraq's water needs and is keen to cooperate in this field through joint committees formed under the relevant deal, according to a statement by the Iraqi presidency.

Erdogan is also expected to visit Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in the northern part of the country to hold talks with Kurdish leaders, particularly on the presence of the Turkish outlawed PKK militants in the region.


  1. SarahSmith123 says

    In my opinion, it’s great to see Iraq and Türkiye coming together to sign these deals. It’s important for countries to cooperate on security and infrastructure to ensure stability and growth in the region.

  2. Emily82 says

    Why did they decide to focus on security cooperation and road development specifically in this set of deals?

    1. JohnSmith76 says

      Hey, Emily82! It seems that security cooperation and road development were chosen as key areas for these deals to enhance mutual trust and facilitate economic growth between Iraq and Turkey. By addressing security challenges and improving infrastructure, both countries aim to create a stable environment for trade and investment, ultimately strengthening their relationship.

  3. Alice Rodriguez says

    As an experienced journalist in international relations, I believe that the cooperation between Iraq and Turkey is crucial for stability and security in the region. It is positive to see the two countries signing over 20 deals to enhance their ties, especially in areas such as security, infrastructure, and economic integration. This partnership could lead to a more prosperous future for both nations.

  4. AliceSmith91 says

    It’s great to see Iraq and Türkiye coming together to strengthen their relationship through these deals. Cooperation in security and infrastructure can benefit both countries immensely in the long run.

  5. EmilyDavis says

    Do you think this increased cooperation between Iraq and Turkey will lead to more stability in the region?

    1. JamesSmith says

      Yes, I believe that the strengthened ties between Iraq and Turkey, demonstrated by the signing of over 20 agreements, will contribute to enhanced stability in the region. Cooperation in security and infrastructure areas is crucial for addressing common challenges and promoting peace.

  6. EmilyWilliams123 says

    It’s great to see Iraq and Turkey coming together to strengthen their relationship through these 20+ deals. Cooperation between nations is crucial for regional security and economic growth. I hope this partnership brings about positive developments for both countries.

  7. Emily87 says

    How will these 20+ deals impact the economic integration and security cooperation between Iraq and Turkey? Will it effectively tackle the challenges posed by militant presence in the region?

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