German AfD Gives MPs a Talking-To for Visiting Russia

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Germany's far-right AfD admonishes MPs for Russia trip

The federal leadership of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has issued a warning to three of its members in Bavaria's regional parliament for travelling to Russia for the presidential election in March, reported dpa.

The three members of the Bavarian parliament – Ulrich Singer, Andreas Jurca and Elena Roon – said they had travelled to Russia as election observers at the invitation of the Russian government.

Jurca explained that the aim was to assess the organization and conduct of the elections, which featured no serious opposition to President Vladimir Putin.

While the trip was organized by the inviting party, Jurca said they "decided to bear the costs ourselves, precisely to avoid any accusations of bias."

Election observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), on the other hand, were not allowed in Russia.

The AfD, which opposes arms deliveries to Ukraine, has come under growing scrutiny for its potential links to Moscow.

Putin was confirmed in office for the fifth time with 87.28% of the vote. Like other Western leaders, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Olaf Scholz refrained from offering Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulations.

According to a German government spokeswoman, the election was "neither free nor fair."

The AfD federal leadership had recommended that the three MPs not make the trip to Russia. They have now been rebuked for their actions, according to a party spokesman.

The federal leadership office referred to the party statutes, according to which members who violate the party's principles or rules can face further disciplinary measures in the event of a repeat offence or comparable behaviour.

Such disciplinary measures may include suspension from office and, in the worst case, expulsion from the party.


  1. Andreas Jurca says

    As one of the members of the Bavarian parliament admonished by the AfD, I believe that our trip to Russia as election observers was crucial for understanding the situation on the ground. We conducted ourselves with integrity and transparency, bearing the costs to avoid any accusations of bias. It’s important to assess the organization and conduct of elections to ensure a fair democratic process. Our actions were in line with our responsibilities as lawmakers, despite the rebuke from the party leadership.

  2. AnnaMiller says

    It’s concerning to see members of the AfD aligning themselves with Russian interests. The leadership was right to caution against such actions, especially in light of the questionable nature of the recent elections in Russia. The party must prioritize maintaining integrity and avoiding any perception of bias.

  3. Emily Thompson says

    It’s concerning that members of the AfD party in Bavaria’s regional parliament ignored the federal leadership’s recommendation and chose to travel to Russia for the election. The party’s stance on Russia raises questions about their potential ties to Moscow. The AfD MPs should have considered the implications of their actions on Germany’s relationships with other countries.

  4. AnitaSmith says

    It is concerning that the AfD MPs chose to travel to Russia without considering the implications of their actions. The party’s growing ties to Moscow raise serious questions about their political agenda and priorities. The decision to observe an election widely criticized as neither free nor fair reflects poorly on the party and its members. It’s essential for elected officials to uphold democratic values and act in the best interests of their constituents, rather than aligning with regimes that undermine democracy.

  5. EmmaJackson91 says

    It is concerning to see members of AfD disregarding the party’s leadership and traveling to Russia as election observers. The party’s stance on Russia and President Putin’s regime should be clear and unwavering, especially in light of the questionable nature of the elections. These actions only raise suspicions about the party’s true motives and connections.

  6. Emily Smith says

    It is concerning that members of the AfD would visit Russia as election observers, especially when the OSCE was not allowed in. The party’s potential links to Moscow are worrisome, and their support for Putin is troubling. The federal leadership was right to rebuke them for their actions.

  7. Emily Smith says

    I believe that it’s important for politicians to engage in international observation missions, even if their party leadership disagrees. It allows for a broader perspective on global affairs and fosters diplomatic relationships. The AfD’s stance on Russia might be controversial, but independent monitoring of elections is a crucial aspect of democracy.

  8. EmilyM says

    It’s disappointing to see the AfD members disregarding the party’s leadership advice and visiting Russia for the elections, especially given the concerns about the fairness of the process. It raises questions about the party’s stance and connections with Moscow.

  9. Emily_Smith says

    It is concerning that the AfD MPs chose to ignore the leadership’s recommendation and travel to Russia for the election. The party should be more cautious about its ties to Moscow, especially given the lack of opposition in the election. The federal leadership’s warning was justified in this case.

  10. KlausMüller_87 says

    It is concerning that the AfD party members chose to visit Russia as election observers when the trip was not recommended by their federal leadership. This only fuels suspicions of potential ties between the AfD and Moscow. The decision to go against the advice given raises questions about their motives and loyalty. The focus should be on transparency and upholding democratic values, especially when dealing with controversial international relations. Let’s hope for more responsible actions from elected officials in the future.

  11. Emma Smith says

    It’s concerning to see members of the Bavarian parliament from the AfD party traveling to Russia for the elections. The issues of potential bias and lack of serious opposition make their actions questionable. It’s important for political representatives to uphold transparency and integrity in such matters.

  12. Rebecca Smith says

    In my opinion, the AfD MPs’ decision to travel to Russia for the presidential election as observers shows a lack of judgment. It’s concerning that they did not heed the warnings from the party’s leadership. The credibility of their observations may be called into question given the party’s stance on issues related to Russia.

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