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3D immersive visualisation

High-resolution, 3-dimensional visualisation facilities for data representation and interpretation at two NGL locations.

3D immersive visualisation

The soon-to-be-installed NGL 3D immersive visualisation facility has nodes at both the Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC) and The University of Western Australia campus in Crawley.

Scientists, especially geoscientists, work with large data sets that can range in scale from nanometres to kilometres.

The equipment will help scientists to visualise and interpret large data sets by displaying it in a high-resolution three-dimensional format.

The software allows users to display and manipulate data sets in 3D in real-time.


Nodes at the Australian Resource Research Centre, Kensington and The University of Western Australia, Crawley Campus in Perth


Linda Stalker

CCS applications

Creating geological models of the subsurface is an important component of CCS research in the site characterisation stage of the research process and often produces large data sets that can be easily interpreted using the 3D immersive visualisation facilities.

The equipment can also be used to visualise the modelled scenarios of how CO2 may behave and move underground which is useful for increasing certainty prior to injection. It could also be used for the visualisation of data obtained during the monitoring and verification stage of the CCS process.

Other applications

The equipment has many other scientific applications including:

  • Geosciences for the mining, oil and gas industries
  • Radio astronomy and space sciences
  • Hydrogeology and water table assessments
  • Environmental and life sciences
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