Commander of Joint Force Command Norfolk visits Finland

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Commander of Joint Force Command Norfolk visits Finland

Commander of Joint Force Command Norfolk, Vice Admiral Doug Perry visited Finland From May 15 to May 17, said Finnish Defence Forces in a press release on Friday.

The programme included visits to the Defence Command, the Finnish Army, and the Finnish Navy.

During his visit, Perry also met President Alexander Stubb, and Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Janne Jaakkola.

Perry was familiarised with the Finnish defence system and capabilities as well as the general military situation and operational environment.

During the visit hosted by Chief of Defence Command, Lieutenant General Vesa Virtanen, discussions also covered the progress of the integration of the Finnish Defence Forces’ NATO membership, and the Alliance’s joint operational planning.

According to Chief of the Defence Command, Lieutenant General Virtanen, discussions with Vice Admiral Perry harmonised the view on the defence of Northern areas of NATO.

“The visit provided a valuable opportunity to showcase the Finnish defence system. Through these discussions, we can form a common view on the collective defence of the Northern areas of NATO, in which the role of JFC Norfolk is central. We have good preconditions for further deepening our cooperation with JFC Norfolk. Our close cooperation strengthens even more our national security and that of the whole Alliance,” Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Janne Jaakkola emphasises the importance of the meetings of the leadership.


  1. EmilySmith says

    As a military strategist, I believe visits like this play a crucial role in strengthening international alliances and ensuring collective defense in the NATO regions. The exchange of insights and experiences between commanders like Vice Admiral Doug Perry and General Janne Jaakkola is invaluable for enhancing our security and cooperation.

  2. AmyJohnson85 says

    It’s great to see Vice Admiral Doug Perry engaging in discussions with Finnish officials to strengthen cooperation in defense. These meetings are crucial for enhancing security in the Northern areas of NATO. Looking forward to deeper collaboration with JFC Norfolk!

  3. EmilyJones89 says

    Was there any discussion on the potential joint military exercises between Finland and the Joint Force Command Norfolk?

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