Blast in St. Petersburg military academy injures 7 soldiers

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Blast in St. Petersburg military academy injures 7 soldiers

Seven soldiers were injured after a World War II-era munition exploded in the Military Academy of the Signal Corps in St. Petersburg on Friday, Russia's Leningrad Military District said, reported Xinhua.

The explosion occurred during the cleaning of one of the basement premises, when people unloaded garbage into a container, the district's press office said.

A 76-millimeter World War II-era munition "arbitrarily detonated," the press office said.

The wounded have been taken to the Defense Ministry's health facility, according to the press office.

Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov has denied that the incident was terrorist-related.


  1. EmilySmith_1985 says

    Were there any safety measures in place to prevent such accidents in the military academy?

    1. JohnDoe_1982 says

      Yes, according to the report, the blast happened during the cleaning of the basement premises when people were unloading garbage. It seems there was a lack of proper safety measures during the process.

  2. EmilyJohnson85 says

    It’s scary to think that such old munitions can still cause harm today. It’s fortunate that only minor injuries were reported in this incident. Safety measures should be reinforced to prevent such accidents in the future.

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