Aussie PM Shocks with $270B Military Expansion Bombshell!

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Australia will be armed with long-range missiles under a 10-year plan to upgrade the capability and potency of the Australian Defence Force, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday, reported Xinhua.

At the Australian Defence Force Academy, Morrison revealed the 2020 Defence Strategic Update, and warned of a "poorer, more dangerous and more disorderly" world in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

He committed to spending 270 billion Australian dollars over the next decade, which will expand the plans to acquire sophisticated maritime long-range missiles, air-launched strike and anti-ship weapons, as well as additional land-based weapons.

It represents a significant increase in funding from the 195 billion Australian dollars committed in the decade following the 2016 Defence White Paper.

"This is the first in a long-term plan to procure advanced longer-range strike weapon systems for our combat aircraft to allow Air Force to operate at greater range and avoid increasingly sophisticated air defenses," said Morrison and Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds in a media release.


  1. MaggieSmith2000 says

    Is this massive increase in military spending justified considering the current global situation post-pandemic? How will Australia’s new military capabilities impact regional security dynamics?

    1. MarkJohnson1985 says

      As an Australian, I believe the increased military spending is necessary to ensure our national security and defense. In today’s uncertain world, it’s crucial for Australia to strengthen its capabilities and be prepared for any potential threats. The new military capabilities will not only enhance our defense but also play a role in shaping regional security dynamics by deterring potential aggressors and promoting stability.

  2. Melissa_1990 says

    Do you think this massive military expansion is necessary in the current global scenario?

    1. JohnDoe_1985 says

      Yes, I believe the military expansion is necessary given the uncertain global circumstances we are facing. Ensuring the capability and readiness of the Australian Defence Force is crucial for protecting the nation’s interests and security.

  3. EmilyJohnson82 says

    As an Australian, I’m deeply concerned about the implications of this massive military expansion. I believe the government should prioritize investing in areas like healthcare and education instead of escalating military capabilities.

  4. Jenny_83 says

    Could this huge military expansion actually escalate tensions in the region rather than ensure security?

    1. Tom_79 says

      While the substantial military expansion may raise concerns about regional tensions, Prime Minister Morrison’s emphasis on upgrading Australia’s defense capability indicates a proactive stance in adapting to a rapidly evolving global landscape.

  5. AussieLover87 says

    I can’t believe the amount of money being poured into military expansion! As a taxpayer, I wish more of that budget would go towards social programs and community development. It’s concerning to see such a significant increase in funding for weapons while there are pressing domestic issues that also require attention.

  6. EmmaSmith says

    As an Australian, I feel both pride and concern about this massive military expansion. While it’s important to enhance our defense capabilities, the staggering amount of $270 billion makes me question the priorities of our government in the wake of the pandemic. I hope that these investments will truly make us safer in an increasingly unpredictable world.

  7. EmilyBrown87 says

    Such a massive military expansion is a concerning development. We should be focusing on peaceful solutions and global cooperation, rather than further escalating tensions. Investing such a staggering amount in weaponry raises questions about Australia’s priorities and role in the international community.

  8. EmilyJohnson says

    As an Australian citizen, I strongly support this decision by the government. In today’s uncertain global landscape, investing in our defense capabilities is crucial to ensure the safety and security of our nation. The commitment to upgrade our military with advanced weapons is a necessary step to remain prepared and protect our interests. I applaud Prime Minister Morrison for prioritizing our national defense.

  9. EmilyJ06 says

    I believe that investing in military expansion is crucial to ensure the security and defense of Australia in an increasingly uncertain global environment. It’s important to stay ahead in terms of technology and capabilities to protect our nation and its interests.

  10. EmilyWilliams says

    I think the move towards enhancing Australia’s defense capabilities is crucial in today’s unstable world. Prime Minister Morrison’s commitment to investing in long-range missiles and other weapons is a necessary step to ensure national security and deter potential threats. It’s a bold but necessary decision given the rising global tensions post-pandemic.

  11. EmilySmith says

    As an Australian citizen, I believe this military expansion is necessary for ensuring our country’s security and defense capabilities. The commitment to acquiring advanced weapon systems demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing the evolving global security landscape.

  12. Susan_the_Skeptic says

    Does this huge military expansion plan align with Australia’s current defense needs and priorities, or is it a response to a specific threat perception?

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