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Partner organisations

CSIRO, UWA and Curtin have a long history of working together and NGL brings their leading expertise and capabilities together to deliver essential research and technology to assist in the development of commercial-scale CCS projects.


Partner organisations


CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world.

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It has established world-leading expertise in the science of CCS, and is focused on the deployment of large-scale CCS projects, conducted in partnership with industry and government both in Australia and internationally.

NGL builds on and deepens these existing collaborations as well as helps to establish new relationships.

Partner organisations

Curtin University

Curtin University is Western Australia’s largest and most multicultural university.

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It has an overarching research objective of solving real world problems and has strong strategic partnerships with industry and government.

NGL enables Curtin to boost its R&D activities in the rapid deployment of CCS technologies with the installation of an NGL training and calibration well on campus.

Partner organisations

The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is recognised within Australia and internationally as an excellent research-intensive university.

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It ranks 88th in the world on the Shanghai-Jiao Tong University’s Index.

New NGL gas processing facilities built at UWA will further support the university’s research into long-term storage of CO2.

Partner organisations

Western Australian Energy Research Alliance

WA:ERA is a R&D collaboration between CSIRO, Curtin University and UWA.

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It was established in 2003 to address oil and gas industry research challenges using the organisations’ collective world-scale resources.

WA:ERA’s industry experience and relationships provide a significant springboard for the extension of CCS research in Australia.

Partner organisations

The Australian Government

The Australian Government provided $48.4 million in funding to NGL through the Education Investment Fund to build infrastructure and procure laboratory and field equipment to support the South West Hub project and other national and international CCS projects.

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Research on the CSIRO In Situ Laboratory: Multi-pronged monitoring methods tested in the field

8 June 2020

In February 2019, at the CSIRO In-Situ Laboratory CCS project, a test was conducted where 38 t of gaseous CO2 were injected […]

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