6 Ex-Cops Land in Slammer for Roughing Up 2 Black Dudes in Mississippi

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Six former police officers on Wendeday was sentenced from 15 and 45 years for state charges stemming from torturing two African American men in the southern U.S. state of Mississippi last year, reported Xinhua.

On Jan. 24, 2023, the group of six white men, who called themselves the Goon Squad, burst into a home in Braxton, the majority-white Rankin County in Mississippi, without a warrant and assaulted Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins.

The former officers handcuffed, kicked, waterboarded and used Tasers on two Black men and attempted to sexually assault them over nearly two hours.

Hunter Elward, who shoved a gun into Jenkins' mouth and fired in a "mock execution" that went awry at the end of the torture, was sentenced to 45 years on Wednesday.

Christian Dedmon was sentenced to 25 years in jail. Daniel Opdyke, Brett McAlpin and Jeffrey Middleton were each sentenced to 20 years. The sixth, Joshua Hartfield, was sentenced to 15 years.

"The humiliation and embarrassment from the sexual assault is too great for me to talk about…I can't erase my memories but I will struggle to live on. They should be given what they gave me and Michael Jenkins, which is no mercy. I pray for the maximum sentence," Parker said in a victim impact statement read by his attorney in the courtroom.

"They tried to take my manhood from me. They did some unimaginable things to me and the effects of which will last in my life forever. All the things I used to do in my life have been affected. I am a musician and a singer, and now because of the gunshot wound that shattered my jaw, I can no longer do what I love, and that's sing," Jenkins said in his statement.

"After Hunter Elward shot me, they left me to die, bleeding on the floor," Jenkins added. "Your honor, they killed me. I just didn't die."

"Your honor, it is true that me and Eddie, in this event were called racist names." Jenkins said,

"I'm broken inside, and I don't think I will ever be the person I was."

Months before federal prosecutors announced charges in August 2023, an investigation by The Associated Press linked some of the former officers to at least four violent encounters with Black men since 2019 that left two dead and another with lasting injuries.

"This chapter of the book has been written, but the book is not finished," Angela English, the Rankin County chief of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a major U.S. civil rights organization, said on CNN after Wednesday's sentencing.

"We have spoken with the Department of Justice. We have reiterated that we want a clean sweep… We want them to go into the jails and reopen all of these cases that these lawless officers have created. The lives of these people who are still in jail have been ruined by this," he said.

All of their state sentences are to run concurrently with their federal sentences, CNN reported.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. EmilySmith says

    As a former police officer myself, it’s truly disturbing to hear about these heinous acts committed by the ex-officers in Mississippi. Justice has been served, but the damage caused to the victims is irreparable. It’s crucial for law enforcement to hold themselves to the highest standard of integrity and respect for all individuals.

  2. SarahJohnson says

    What these ex-cops did is absolutely despicable and inexcusable. The severe sentence they received is a small step towards justice for their heinous actions. No one should have to endure such brutality and abuse, especially not at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve. My heart goes out to the victims and I hope they can find some sense of healing in the midst of this nightmare.

  3. EmilyJohnson says

    What these former officers did is absolutely disgusting and inexcusable. The level of brutality they displayed is appalling and justice must be served for Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins. It’s crucial for law enforcement to be held accountable for their actions and to work towards eradicating such behavior from the system. My heart goes out to the victims of this horrific crime.

  4. Rebecca Johnson says

    As a woman of color, it is heartbreaking to hear about the brutal treatment Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins endured at the hands of these former police officers. Justice has been served with their sentencing, but the scars of such traumas run deep. My prayers are with the victims for healing and strength as they navigate the aftermath of this horrific ordeal.

  5. EmilyJohnson says

    How could such despicable acts be committed by those who were meant to protect and serve? Will there be any further investigations into this case to ensure justice is fully served?

    1. DavidSmith says

      Such heinous acts should never be overlooked, especially when committed by individuals in positions of authority. It is crucial that thorough investigations are conducted to ensure that justice is served completely in this case. The victims deserve nothing less than full accountability and the perpetrators must face the consequences of their abhorrent actions.

  6. Amanda Smith says

    As a woman, I am horrified by the brutal actions of these former police officers. It is unacceptable to treat anyone, regardless of their race, in such a violent and degrading manner. I support the maximum sentences given to these perpetrators and hope that justice is served for the victims.

  7. Alicia Johnson says

    As a woman of color, it’s truly disheartening to read about the horrific abuse inflicted on these innocent men by former police officers. The lengths to which the perpetrators went in committing these atrocities is appalling. My heart goes out to Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins, and I hope justice prevails for them in the form of maximum sentencing for those responsible.

  8. LaurenJohnson says

    It is absolutely appalling and infuriating to read about these former police officers’ horrifying actions. The justice served with these sentences is a step towards accountability and must send a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated in any form. My heart goes out to the victims, and I hope they can find some solace in knowing that those responsible are facing the consequences they deserve.

  9. Sarah Smith says

    As a woman of color, I am absolutely appalled by the actions of these former police officers. The level of brutality and cruelty exhibited towards those two Black men is absolutely despicable. It’s heart-wrenching to read about the pain and trauma they had to endure. Justice has been served with their sentencing, but the scars from this horrific incident will likely stay with the victims for a lifetime. My thoughts and prayers are with Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins.

  10. Emily_B2010 says

    Will there be any additional consequences for the police department’s lack of oversight that allowed such brutal behavior to occur within their ranks?

    1. John_Smith1985 says

      As much as accountability is important for individual officers, it’s crucial to address the systemic failures within the police department that enabled such heinous acts to take place. Holding the department accountable and implementing reforms is necessary to prevent future incidents of police brutality.

  11. Abby Johnson says

    As a former police officer myself, it disgusts me to hear about such abhorrent behavior from individuals who were supposed to uphold the law and protect the community. These officers have tainted the reputation of law enforcement and justice must be served. The victims deserve justice and those responsible should face the full extent of the law.

  12. Emma Johnson says

    As a supporter of justice, it is disheartening to read about these brutal actions by the former police officers. No one should ever have to endure such inhumane treatment. My thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.

  13. EmmaSmith88 says

    Six former police officers have finally been sentenced for their horrendous actions towards two African American men. The justice served should reflect the severity of the crimes committed. These individuals must face the consequences of their despicable actions, ensuring justice and closure for the victims.

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