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1 May 2013

Dispelling the myths around CCS

Forget the ferris wheel, move over sheep shearing- an explanation of the science behind carbon capture and storage (CCS) was the main attraction at the recent Harvey Agricultural Show in south-west WA.

Linda Stalker, Claudio Delle Piane and Eamonn Bermingham from CSIRO represented the NGL at the two-day event, supporting the WA Government in its community engagement activities for the South-West Hub CO₂ Flagship Project, which is assessing the viability of using a local site for geological storage of carbon dioxide.

CSIRO is involved in the project through its capacity as an NGL partner organisation.

“The project has generated a fair bit of interest, not just with affected landowners, but within the Harvey community as a whole,” Dr Stalker said.

“Our purpose for attending the show was to give people the facts about CCS, and explain what the science behind what DMP (WA Department of Mines and Petroleum) is doing with the South West Hub Project.”

Dr Stalker said the information was well-received at the event, with the team receiving some excellent feedback.

“I think the majority of the community understand what CCS is trying to achieve in terms of reducing our emissions, and they were certainly appreciative of us being there to answer their questions,” she said.

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