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12 March 2015

ANLEC R&D are coming to Perth

ANLEC R&D (the Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research & Development) are coming to Perth on 18-19th March, 2015 to conduct project reviews. Several senior external researchers will also attend in a peer review format where project leaders will present latest findings of a range of CCS projects including:

  • David Lumley: Project 7-0212-0203 Feasibility and design of robust passive seismic monitoring arrays for CO2 geosequestration
  • Roman Pevzner: Project 7-0314-0231 Advanced 3D processing – SW Hub
  • Stefan Iglauer: Project 3-0911-0155 Pore- and core-scale investigation of CO2 wettability and residual trapping
  • Milovan Urosevic: Project 7-1213-0224 Nested 3D seismic survey to determine shallow features
  • Ludo Ricard: Project 7-1012-0214 Desktop design study for SW Hub monitoring wells
  • Ali Saeedi: Project 7-0314-0233 Fluid rock interactions and their impact – SW Hub
  • Allison Hortle: Project 7-0314-0232 Feasibility of monitoring an injected CO2 plume at the SW Hub
  • Steve Whittaker: Project 7-1110-0123 Technology transfer to characterise and risk-assess carbon storage projects at commercial CCS sites.

Discussions on the next phase of activities will also be undertaken based on the recent acquisition of new materials from the Harvey-2, -3 & -4 wells currently being drilled by WA DMP as a part of the ongoing site evaluation.

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